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Crucial Information About Marijuana Legislation In Texas

What motivates the decision by many of the states in the us to consider the legitimization of the medicinal marijuana is the key economic advantages that they are going to enjoy in the end. These range from increased opportunities for investment, jobs creation as well as the positive impact on the level of tax revenue. On the other hand, the general public will have access to a broad range of treatments for the health issues that they have been struggling with. Whereas Texas is one of the states that have taken the decision in this direction, there is still a lot of questions among the citizens surrounding the nature of the weed legalization. The purpose of this post is to share important facts so that you are informed about the contents and limitation of the said regulations.

In case you have particular medical problems, you will be within the laws of Texas to go ahead to buy and consume the substance. Those illnesses range from specific types of seizure disorders, autism, and terminal cancers. Nevertheless the law requires you to have the medication prescribed by a medical professional that holds the requisite licensure in the state.

A vital factor that relates to the marijuana in Texas is the type of the medication constitution that you have the green light to access and take. A conspicuous characteristic in this regulation is that you are not allowed to take cannabis in a smoke form. The only allowed forms are the inhalator and oils. You must make sure that you are not breaking any of the existing statutes as that will have serious ramifications for you. This is attributed to the fact that those offenses are punished in the same way that other kinds of illegal drugs do. In this respect, you can find yourself behind the bars or getting slapped with a heavy fine.

It is essential to note that the medical marijuana regulations cover the selling and use of the medical marijuana to just the legalized hemp and its associated substances. Th determinant factor in this instance is the level of the THC in the cannabis which must not go beyond 0.3% . Nevertheless, the main hurdle in respect to the implementing and observance of the guidelines is that there are no proper and adequate testing facilities. On the other hand, when the laws became operation, the weed was decriminalized albeit accidentally. Until the proper testing mechanism have been put in place, the highway patrol in Texas have been directed to issue citations as opposed to making arrests.
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