Repair credit. Is it possible to?

Each of us several times during his life passes through such an event, as repairs. Of course, re-stick wallpaper in the rooms can be quite often, and cope quite feasible in the home and small means. Minor repairs are usually afoot when home interior bored, or there are any defects.

The question of major repairs apartment or house associated with major time and cost usually rises in the two cases.

Table of contents

  1. Repair of a new apartment
  2. When still need overhaul
  3. Money for repairs
  4. purpose loan
  5. Target credit for housing repair
  6. Mortgage and repair

Repair of a new apartment

The most obvious reason for the repairs is to buy a new home. If we talk about buying an apartment in new building, on the amount of work that will make the future Novoselov, it can hardly be limited to "repair" the term. After all, a new apartment today - is the bare walls. At best, there are interior partitions. The first thing that would have puzzled the new owners - the creation of a design project. Would need to agree with the audited organizations plan future apartments, accommodation bathrooms, kitchen, outlets and much more. Most likely, at this stage need not cheap services of a professional designer in layout. Once the project is approved, you can proceed to the selection of materials. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of a repair brigade.

It should be noted that almost any organization involved in the construction of houses will certainly offer repair services for apartments. In this case, all the difficulties with the approval of the design project of the company is also ready to take over. In practice, it turns out that such services "accredited" repair organization will be about 20% more expensive than the average market cost repair.

In any case, the cost of repair of an apartment in new building will cost approximately 7-12% of the total value of the apartment, depending on the owner and demanding a state in which the apartment is rented.

When we still need major repairs?

Purchase of apartments in the secondary market is likely, too, will be an occasion for a large repair. In addition, the apartment had inherited from grandmothers and other relatives, too often does not meet the requirements of the new owners. On time and material costs repair of old apartments is comparable to repair in the building.

Well, in the end, tired of all the usual situation, and repair decaying within 5-7 years. can be carried out current repair stages. For example, it is possible first to clean one room, and then a friend, a kitchen, a bathroom, and so on. You can break repair in all apartment by type of work, for example, start with the ceiling, then the stele parquet in all rooms, put tile.

However, repairs, they say, "no evacuation," creates a lot of household problems. That's why people started a repair in the apartment in which they now live, there is a natural desire to finish this process as soon as possible.

Money for repairs

In each of the cases examined the question of where to get enough money for repairs will be very acute. When buying a new home all funds are often directed to purchase housing. If the apartment or house bought on credit, future settlers are burdened with monthly payments and possibly debt, which had to climb in order to gather the required initial payment. Save up enough money to repair proves to be very problematic. And the decision to finish the planned repair for a long time in your own apartment as soon as possible will also require large amounts of money.

Nowadays, people have felt some stability, so no longer afraid to take credits, including the very long term. It is logical to assume that you can make and repair credit.

Consider the various options of loan programs for the repair of an apartment or house.

purpose loan

The most obvious option for a person to start a repair, it is the usual design of misuse or, in other words, consumer credit. Outset that this version, although an obvious and convenient, but not the only one.

Consumer credit - a standard financial product that can offer any bank. The main disadvantage of the consumer credit is very high, compared to other types of lending, the interest rate. On average, non-target lending rate is now hovering around the level of 20 to 25% depending on the specific program and a financial institution. At the rate it is also affected by the amount and maturity of the loan, as well as the history of the borrower.

Attractive consumer credit for repairs, above all, easy to obtain.

For its design need a minimum package of documents. There are even programs that do not require proof of income. True rate on such loans, of course, be much higher. After all, the bank runs the risk of ...

When making consumer credit more often, do not need guarantors.

It is important that in the preparation of consumer credit, the borrower will not have to answer to the bank and account for the money spent.

This option is very convenient if you are going to carry out repairs on their own. If you decide to bring to the beautification of your home individuals, select a cheaper construction crew, which has no official license for their work, you can not give the bank documents proving that the money has been spent on repairs.

However, consumer credit has some limitations. Quite difficult to get a loan in excess of half a million rubles. In addition, the maturity of the consumer credit more stringent than targeted credit programs.

So, to take credit for the repair costs in the event that the amount you need not too large (up to one million rubles), to repay the loan you are going for 1-3 years, and to the repair work is not going to involve specialized maintenance office.

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Target credit for housing repair

In that case, if you are going to spend serious repair work with professional construction crews and cost estimates for repairs, according to your calculations, exceeds the mark of one million rubles, you should think about how to arrange a loan target for overhaul. This option will be beneficial in the event that the loan repayment you plan to stretch for more than one and a half years.

The fact that the target to take credit for home renovation loan is unprofitable for small amounts or for a short period of time.

Credit for the repair requires the borrower to fulfill a number of requirements. There are 2 type of loan for repairs: a pledge of property and with the assistance of the guarantors.

On receipt of the loan with the most favorable credit rate can be calculated at the design of housing, which is subject to repair, as collateral. It should immediately be noted that the pledge registration procedure is quite lengthy, time-consuming and is not free. Making the pledge will entail costs of an assessment of housing, insurance, payment intermediaries. If the amount is large, a pledge to draw profitable. And in the case of a loan small sums on redecorating, you are going to return in a few months, these expenses exceed the interest and commissions misuse of credit.

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Do not forget that a pledge on the property - this is quite a risk. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, you should be absolutely certain that the repair will not deprive your home.

Target credit for repair can also be decorated with surety. In this case, the interest rate will be slightly higher than in the case of a pledge. Repair of home loan demand in this case, the set of documents confirming the target spending. You will need to enter into a formal contract agreement with the repair organization licensed. Additionally, your contractor must be approved by the bank. You will also need to provide receipts for all building materials.

In this and in another case, lower the interest rate of the loan will help the scheme under which the bank will not give you cash. The bank can transfer the money directly to an approved firm that will carry out repair work.

In considering an application for a loan target for housing repairs, the bank will also take into account the level of income of the borrower. The individual programs are expected to consider the total income of the spouses, or homeowners, which will be repaired.

The rate of the issuance of trust loan for the repair will be significantly below the rate of consumer credit, and slightly higher than the rate on a mortgage.

Mortgage and repair

If your bank has approved a loan to buy an apartment or house, it is possible to consider such an option, as the inclusion of the cost of repairs in the amount owed on the mortgage. If the apartment is pledged to the bank, and the maximum initial fee, the collateral value of apartments is much smaller debt. In this case, the bank may choose to accommodate the client, proposing to include in the mortgage program this option as a loan to repair.

True, this bonus may be slightly adjusted interest rate is not in your favor. A repair is carried out, is likely to have the company forces cooperating with the bank or with the construction company.

Summing up, it should be said that credit repair - a good opportunity to realize their dreams to create a comfortable home in a short time. You do not need to save money and regret about how they depreciate with each passing day, and repair services are getting more expensive.

Interest on the loan - a payment for life here and now. A variety of loan program depends on your opportunity and the scale of repair work.

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