Joining the loggia with their hands: how to attach a balcony and legalize alterations

Many owners of apartments in apartment buildings live in square meters deficits and inspired by the idea to increase the usable space of the dwelling are trying to resort to any available options. However, finding the best architectural and planning decisions often have to face the problem of the permissible in the process of redevelopment of buildings that can significantly limit the imagination played out the latter-day designers. Whereas previously the most affordable way to expand living space was considered the demolition of the walls between the rooms, then later, in recognition of its inefficiency, it was replaced by a new find of designers and architects - the union of the loggia with the room, which became especially important for small kitchens that are directly related to the external location. Adjoining balcony or loggia to the living area, you can not only increase the living space of a small apartment, but also make the original design of the spacious apartments. In addition, this architectural approach allows to transform a room in a traditional multi-functional space, which you can equip to your taste, it is set in an office, conservatory or home sports complex. Due to the urgency of the issue, in this article we will discuss the most common options for merging the loggia with the room, the preparations that must be made before starting to redevelop, as well as regulatory aspects underlying the event.

Balcony and loggia: similarities and differences

Despite the apparent relationship of these concepts, among them are more differences than similarities. Let us consider them in more detail.

  • Firstly, in contrast to the loggia, balcony is projecting from the wall portion of a building bounded by guard. As for the lodge, it is an essential element of construction, located inside the building. Not speaking outside the structure, it is enclosed by at least three sides;
  • Secondly, if you look deeper and see the finer technical aspects of the arrangement of these components, the differences between them will become even more distinct. In contrast to the balconies, loggias fastening system is designed for heavy loads, in this connection, the accession of balconies with their hands often painless.

Important! Some experts advise not to merge the balcony with the room, explaining that financial costly process and the lengthy time (coordination, strengthening of the plate and the actual remodeling). In addition, combining the balcony with the room, you're unlikely to be able to solve the problem areas of deficiency in mind a small terrace area. In this regard, re-planning by connecting external premises would only make sense that if you have a loggia as well as carrying out union loggias with the room, the coordination and the subsequent legalization of the process you will make much faster.

Consolidated Version loggia with a room

In accordance with the sanitary and building regulations, premises are divided into two types: warm and cold. Combining the loggia, which refers to the cold room, living room with (warm room), you certainly violate these norms, which is fraught with problems and material penalties. However, if you divide two rooms by a sliding or "French" glass door, it would not be a violation of the relevant rules.

Consider the most common combination of options:

  • Combining loggia with kitchen;
  • Combining the loggia to the living room;
  • Combining the loggia of a bedroom.

Joining the loggia to the kitchen - the most common variant of combining residential and exterior, due to traditional small kitchen area and the ability to hide the small alignment defects, organizing an extra area of ​​the recreation area or a dining table. In addition, the affiliate of the balcony room can put a refrigerator, which was not enough room in the kitchen;

Combining the loggia and living room It is especially important for owners of small apartments, because the additional square footage, obtained by combining the two rooms can be used for arranging a berth where you can put a small bed or a sofa-transformer. In addition, after the merger of two rooms, it is possible to arrange a mini-office on the balcony area, which will become a viable alternative to working room, equipped in a separate room;

Combining the room with balcony Photo

Combining the loggia of a bedroom - Another popular option redevelopment apartment, due to its ease and speed. Combining the bedroom and loggia, sleeping area Surround decorative panels, light barrier or curtain.

Attachment methods balconies with their hands

Identify several ways to combine a loggia with a room reviews about which you can read on the Internet. Consider the most popular:

  • The first method is the most available and used in the event that there is no need to expand the area of ​​the room. It implies glazing balconies, in its absence, its capital warming followed by disassembling balcony unit without demolition of the separation wall. Despite the fact that this method is easier, before you realize it, you must obtain permission and register the planned changes;
  • The second embodiment of the method is complex and involves combining a partial or complete demolition of the outer wall of the building. Implement the United loggia with a room like this, you will be able to expand the living space considerably, but for this it is necessary to agree on the upcoming re-planning and legitimize it in the appropriate bodies.

Important! Often, the scheduling unit dismantling sill can encounter difficulties due to the peculiarities of the building structure. For example, if you reside in a panel, brick or block houses, be prepared for the fact that the window sill block portion may be part of the load-bearing wall, and therefore, you can not get permission to demolish the structure. Residents of monolithic houses with problems faced by less frequent as the facades of the walls in which in most cases are not carriers. Through this, you can easily make an extension of the opening.

Dismantling the nut is also associated with the same difficulties as in panel houses it performs the function for fixing the balcony slab, prevents freezing room or hides the bulkhead joints. In this regard, it is strictly forbidden dismantling, as it would adversely affect the common house frame. The monolith-brick houses demolition of the lower partition is allowed, but in any case, you need permission to dismantle.

The advantages of combining a loggia with a room

  • Combining the loggia the kitchen, you get the opportunity to organize a separate dining area, without taking up space or living room;
  • The room with a balcony, windows are oriented to the north side, a permanent twilight, which is due to the presence of the loggia of the two side walls and additional glazing, retarding part daylight. Adjoining the loggia to the room, you will ensure free access of light in the room;
  • Magnification space is particularly relevant when it comes to small kitchen.

The process of agreeing and collecting the necessary documentation

As mentioned above, the process of combining with room loggia can be paired with some difficulties. In this context, carrying out redevelopment, keep in mind that in the case of associations with room balconies legislation will not always be on your side, and that this did not happen, it is necessary to assemble the required documentation and contact the appropriate authorities in order to harmonize redevelopment.

Consider how to make an agreement.

  1. Contact the state agency BTI, where you must provide a statement made to the plan of the apartment changes. Bureau has reviewed the application, will make an analysis of the changes and their possible impact on the integrity of the overall design of the building. If the negative impact will be possible to approve your application. Also in the Office must be ordered product data for the apartment, which subsequently you provide in your city housing inspection;
  2. In addition, contact the sanitary-epidemiological service, which must also give permission to redevelop;
  3. The next step - an appeal to the housing inspection of your city and the provision of a package of documents, including:

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  • datasheet apartments, issued BTI;
  • statement of alterations to the apartment, which is composed in the form approved by the RF Government;
  • documents proving that the apartment is in your property (the contract of sale, certificate of inheritance, deed of gift);
  • plan for redevelopment of the apartment with the written conclusions of the above instances;
  • the consent of all members of the family, the age of majority, as well as co-owners of the apartment to redevelop;
  • a certificate stating that the building is not historic or architectural monument;
  • list of documents can be extended depending on the type of property, whether privatized or bought for bank money property.

Having passed all the steps outlined above, and having secured the permission of higher authorities, you can start to redevelop. Upon its completion, you must re-apply to the inspection of housing to its employees made a quality control of the work and the structural integrity of the building. After ascertaining compliance of the measures given project, you will be given a certificate of completion of the redevelopment.

Joining the loggia with your hands: the sequence of work


  • Before we begin to unite, release both the premises of unnecessary items;
  • The floor and walls, if possible, cover with cellophane;
  • If you plan to implement full integration, which implies not only the dismantling of window and door unit, but also a complete or partial dismantling of the separation wall, close the heating valve;
  • If your house is made modern glazing, remove the flap and removing the anchor, holding the entire block, with a force of pull it out of the opening with a crowbar;
  • If you have wooden frames, remove them with the help of punch, break off the box;
  • If necessary, using the perforator while wearing the chisel knock threshold of the doorway.

How to combine the space: remove the opening

How to implement incomplete union dismantling balcony unit

  • If you do not plan to demolish the barrier that separates the two rooms, at this stage, you can simply remove the windows and the door to the loggia, and then proceed to the design of the doorway.

How to implement full integration: the demolition of walls

Before proceeding with the disassembly activities, you prepare the following tools:

  • Perforator drill (20-25 mm) wide chisel;
  • Sledgehammer;
  • Bulgarian.

Cut the battery mounting and remove it, and then cut the pipe. The next stage - the weakening septum, which is necessary for using a drill perforator drill a large number of through-holes and, armed with a sledge hammer to break the window sill. In case of reinforcement of its cut grinder. After completing the dismantling activities, the resulting opening to modify the desired shape and size, and on the floor level the difference.

Important! If redevelopment project proposed additional strengthening formed in the process of unification of the opening of premises, it is necessary to establish a frame of the channel, which is fixed around the perimeter of the anchor opening. The upper channel should be based on the bottom.

Carrying out the dismantling of curtain walling, follow these tips:

  • Battery is not recommended to make the central heating the loggia, as this may cause a decrease in pressure in the pipe and requires permission by relevant authorities. An alternative is to transfer to the adjacent battery wall;
  • If your balcony is not glazed, before embarking on the demolition of the block window sill, it is necessary to make the glazing;
  • After joining the loggia to the room, in a joint-smoking room equip a warm water floor. If you are planning to equip a heated floor, prefer electric warm floor;
  • If possible, after combining Improvement separate warm and cold zone of the glass wall or door;
  • If the house design does not allow for the dismantling of the block window sill, it is possible to beat with the help of modern design techniques, turning it into an original element of the interior.

How to make insulation combined premises?

During the merge loggias and rooms insulation plays an important role and determines subsequent functional new premises.

Before proceeding to the internal insulation, it is necessary to make the outer insulation. If your neighbors above and below the loggia is not glazed, it is necessary to make additional vapor and waterproofing measures. In this case, the joint space can be considered a bathroom. For this fabricate metal or wood frame, which lay vapor barrier material layer (foil or polyethylene). Next, - a layer of insulation and a waterproofing material such as roofing felt or mastic. For the insulation of walls and ceilings easy enough to lay the insulating material, in which may be a slab of mineral wool. For warming the floor using only the hard insulation.

How to organize a combined heating facilities?

Combining the loggia with the room, the cost of which is largely determined by the amount of money invested in the organization of the heating system, it is recommended to carry out during the warmer months, as it will contribute to the most rapid drying of trimmed surfaces. Once you have made the basic insulation, and switch to the heating company in the joint area. Often radiator located under the balcony window, and as this part of the wall to be demolished in the process of unification, it is necessary to transfer the heat sink on the balcony or the adjacent wall.

Important! Experts recommend installing the heat sink, running from the electrical outlet. It is not only cheaper, but also more practical, since it does not require invasion of the heating pipe.

How to decorate the room and designate a visual border?

The final stage of the installation - the visual association of the loggia with the room, before the actual implementation of which is necessary to consider the design of the room.

  • First of all, select materials for finishing the interior, which will be combined with each other. As such materials, you can use liquid wallpaper and decorative stone, wood and plaster, natural wallpaper and decorative plaster;
  • When choosing colors, not necessarily stop on one color. In the design of the main room, experts recommend to use the few colors that will overlap in part of the loggia;
  • If you have made association balconies and kitchens, elaborate organization of light composition. The important point is to maximize the use of natural light, which you need to use the products and glossy glass surfaces;
  • Due to the fact that the union of the room and loggia was made in order to increase the usable area, it is undesirable to overload the new furniture and building. Prefer high furniture and arrange the tables and wardrobes in all the corners.
  • Creating a visual border must be done in the event that you are not going to create the most common room and you want to leave some element of differentiation.
  • This problem can be solved not only by means of color or more finishing materials, but also thanks to some well-known techniques, such as raising the floor on the balcony. For this method are characterized by certain advantages:

  • This technique, you lift one side of the room, which is important for the dining area;
  • Solve the problem with the lack of space in the closet, because the floor is raised to 20-30 cm, which will provide additional sliding niche with drawers;
  • Ideal for floor heating systems.

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