Digital antenna with your hands

Main display quality of each antenna - its interaction with ethereal signal. This working principle underlies both purchased and homemade antennas. Please find recommendations on how to make an antenna for digital TV with his hands.

Table of contents:

  1. Features modern airtime
  2. Simple digital antenna with your hands: the device requirements
  3. Antenna for digital TV with your hands: the reception characteristic
  4. Antenna for digital TV with his own hands: manufacturing technology
  5. Essential digital antenna arms of beer cans
  6. UHF antenna for digital television with his own hands

Features modern airtime

If we compare the current TV broadcast with the ether, which was a few years ago, we can find some differences. First of all, the range of UHF is used to transmit television. Thus, one can greatly save means and receiving antenna signal. Furthermore, in this case, the need for periodic maintenance antennas also eliminated.

Also, television sensors became much more than before, so the majority of TV channels available in almost milestones parts of the country. To ensure broadcasting in inhabited areas and the low power sensor type used.

In large cities, the radio waves propagate differently. Due to the large number of high-rise buildings are supplied through the signal is weak. Furthermore, there is a large number of television channels for which reception is not enough audio standard TV antenna.

With the development of digital broadcasting reception channels has become even easier. These types of antennas are resistant to interference or phase distortions cable, image clarity.

Simple digital antenna with your hands: the device requirements

Since the broadcasting environment has changed, and the rules of operation of modern dishes changed:

1. One of the main parameters of the television antenna, a directivity factor and protection factor is not particularly important. various electronic means are used to fight against all sorts of noise.

2. The factor responsible for the antenna gain improves signal, cleans it from extraneous sounds and different kinds of interference.

3. Another important quality of modern television antenna - range. Saving electrical parameters is carried out automatically, without further human intervention.

4. Tools range value TV antenna should interact well with a cable that connects to the antenna.

5. In order to avoid phase distortions must provide decent antenna characteristics in the frequency-amplitude ratio.

Characteristic points of the last three properties is due to the reception of the television signal via an antenna. Functioning on a single frequency antenna, able to accept several of the wave channel. However, in order to make them consistent with the feeder, you must have CSS strongly absorbing signals.

Therefore, there are certain versions of digital antennas available for producing in the home. They invite you to read:

1.-wave antenna option, such devices differ chastotonezavisimostyu, they are cheap, very popular among consumers. For manufacturing such an antenna than one hour is sufficient. This dish is perfect for urban apartments, and here in the village, which is somewhat distant from the television centers, such an antenna will not work as well.

2. Logopedic-band embodiment of the antenna - such antenna picks certain signals. It is distinguished by a simple design, suitable for different work ranges, does not change the parameters of the feeder. Is medium technical parameters, perfect for town houses, villas, apartments.

3. Z-shaped antenna, which is also called a zigzag. For the manufacture of this design takes a lot of time and physical effort. Characterized broad reception characteristics. Using such an antenna fails to expand a range receiving television channels.

To achieve exact matching between the antenna cable should be routed through the zero value of the potential.

Antenna for digital TV with your hands: the reception characteristic

Vibratonnye antenna capable of one analog Cantal find some more digital. Such devices receive wave channels. They are rarely used and are relevant for remote locations from TV towers.

Separate production of satellite antennae - meaningless process. Since in this process need to acquire and purchase a tuner head, and mirrors the nomination must be very precise, it is practically impossible to achieve at home. Independently you can only configure this antenna, but not its production.

In order to manufacture the above embodiments the antenna must be very well-versed in higher mathematics and electrodynamic processes. Among the main characteristics of the terms used during the manufacture of television aerials, note:

1. KU - power antenna, which is determined by a ratio of the received antenna signal to its main lobe.

2. CPV - the relationship between body and around the solid angle of the antenna lobes In the presence of petals of different sizes, they vary in size.

3. DRC - the ratio between the received signal at the main lobe and the total power of the antenna.

Note that if the antenna is the range, the power is taken into account in relation to the useful signal.

Note that the first two terms are not necessarily interdependent. There are certain options for antennas with high directivity, but single or less gain. However, a significant increase in the zigzag antenna linked with a low level of orientation.

Antenna for digital TV with his own hands: manufacturing technology

Each of the antenna elements through which current flows, supply the useful signal, should be connected to the other by soldering or welding. Any precast destination node located outside, has to be well secured, since destruction of the electronic contact on the outside, is faster than indoors.

Particular attention should be paid to the zero potential. It is in these areas are the nodes voltage, electric current, with its high power. For manufacturing seats with zero potential uses bent metal piece.

To produce a braid or a coaxial central conductor cable made of copper or an alloy with inexpensive anticorrosive properties. For soldering cables used forty volt soldering apparatus with legkoplavnymi solders and flux-paste.

Outdoor Digital Antenna is made with their own hands so that all connections are resistant to moisture, temperature extremes and other environmental impact.

require two triangular shaped plate, two slats are made of wood and enameled wire manufacture vsevolnovoj antenna. Thus, the wire size in diameter is practically important, as the interval between their ends is about 2-3 cm. The spacing between plates which are ends of the wire is 1 cm. Replace the two metal plates can be one-sided with square shaped glass fiber of the coated foil. At the same time, copper triangles should be carved on it.

the width of the antenna should be the same as the height. Fabrics disclosed at a right angle. In order to lay a cable to this antenna, you need to follow a certain pattern. To the point, indicating a zero potential is not soldered cable braid. She just tied to it.

ANT, which is extended inside the window 150 cm, is able to accept the majority of DMC meter and channels any direction. The advantage of this antenna is that it has a wide reception channel interval. Therefore, these antennas are popular in large cities, where there are a variety of television stations. However, such an antenna has certain disadvantages - KU is a single antenna, and the DRC - zero. Therefore, if there is high interference, the antenna will be irrelevant.

The variant of the manufacture of other types of digital antenna ANT with their hands, such as a logarithmic spiral of the two coils. This embodiment of the antenna is more compact and is more easy to manufacture.

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Essential digital antenna arms of beer cans

For the manufacture of digital antenna cable from your hands will require beer cans. This embodiment of the antenna at the correct approach to its manufacture, has good operating characteristics. In addition, this dish is quite simple to manufacture.

The principle of operation of such an antenna is based on the increase in diameter shoulders on the conventional linear vibrator. In such a case, there is an expansion of the operating band, while other properties are not changed.

Beer cans in relation to their size are used as shoulder on a shaker. At the same time, the expansion of the shoulders unlimited. This simple embodiment of the vibrator is used as a room with their hands digital antenna for receiving television broadcast directly via connecting cables.

If the stop in the assembly embodiment of beer diopolya phase grating, positioned vertically, wherein the step will be half wave, it will be possible to improve the value KU antenna. Also in this device must be installed on the antenna amplifier, by which matching is performed and the device setting.

To gain such an antenna to it added CPAs set back on her screen and mesh, at an interval of half of the grating. To mount the antenna need to have beer dielectric mast, wherein the mast is connected to the screen and the mechanical bond.

At the same time, on a lattice developing are about three or four rows. Two lattices are not able to achieve high gain.

UHF antenna for digital television with his own hands

A log-periodic antenna for this is called antenna assembly type, which is connected to the linear diopole halves, the interval between them is changed in relation to the geometric parameters progression. There are configured and free line. Offer to stay on longer and smooth version of the antenna.

the presence of any predetermined range necessary for the manufacture of ALP. The higher the indicator of progress, the high-gain antenna is different. This embodiment of the antenna for operational and technical characteristics is ideal for manufacturing in the home.

The main principle of its normal functioning - holding the right calculations. With the increase of progression indicators increased gain and reduced spread angle orientation. This antenna does not need the presence of an additional screen. Since he had not depend its general characteristics.

In the process of calculating the digital LP antenna use these recommendations:

  • second length must have vibrator frequency power supply;
  • further calculates the longest diopolya;
  • then added another predetermined frequency range.

If the shortest diopole leaves line, it is cut, as it is required at the antenna, only for the calculations. The total length of the antenna will be about 40-cm.

The diameter of the lines on the antenna is about 7-16 mm. At this location the spacing between the axes is 40 mm. to the line cord is not attached external method, as this would adversely affect the technical properties of the antenna.

Outdoor antenna is fixed to the mast via the center of gravity. Otherwise, the antenna will be constantly shake with the wind. However, the metal mast is connected to the line is not straight, because at this point should be provided the dielectric mast, the length of which is about 150 cm. As the dielectric material may be a wooden timber, previously painted or varnished.

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