The project is an individual house. How to develop a project at home

The project is being prepared before starting any construction. No matter whether it is a large country cottage or a modest-sized country house, all the plans and dreams are realized on paper first. Through the development of a country house project quite accurately calculated the total cost of materials and labor, which will complete construction on schedule and enjoying life in the new house.


  1. Stages of development of a private house project
  2. Development projects of houses and cottages
    • Create a conceptual design
    • Development of design project of an apartment house
  3. What to look for in the development of an individual project at home
  4. Features of the development of a wooden house project
  5. Program to develop house project

To date, a large number of companies providing services for the calculation of individual projects or sells ready. But the prices are very high, and most samozastroyschikov trying to save money, do not give it much importance. Indeed, one can develop a project at home and on their own, but it is necessary to know what exactly should be paying attention.

Stages of development of a private house project

Before working directly on the project at home, you need to determine the purpose of the house.

  • Will it be a summer cottage, or built a solid house for year-round use.
  • Number of occupants. It calculates the number of rooms for family members, as well as take into account and those who will be visiting the home on short visits.

  • To decide on the presence of other buildings on the site. Will there be a separate garage and a number of machines is designed, the location of the baths, wells, septic tanks and other objects that affect the size of the house and its optimal location on the site.

  • At the location of the house will affect and lifestyle of its owners. Wanting to create an intimate sitting area, closed from prying eyes, a house at the beginning of the site, blocking them courtyard. Or vice versa, shift it in depth, opening up on display a beautiful facade and well maintained landscape.
  • The presence of the slope at the site and geodetic studies will also make their own adjustments.

All this is taken into account and on the basis of the data obtained is developing the general plan of the site. With it turn out well save time and money. Focusing on the markup, immediately prepared a parking lot, installed a septic tank, a well is drilled, and so on. D.

Development projects of houses and cottages

Now home stage of development of the project begins. Already known for its approximate size and location on the site.

Create a conceptual design

Draft project for the power to make their own, and in accordance with the professional architect makes him an outline plan, spatial and stylistic solutions.

These drawings include the development plan, the roof and floors of the house. It also displays the appearance of the facade, the longitudinal and cross-section of the building. It is also noted, from what materials the house is built, the design features of all elements. And on the basis of a detailed conceptual design creates a work that will guide the builders.

Development of design project of an apartment house

The architectural design phase

The architectural design is one of the most enjoyable moments in the planning of the house. It is drawn location of all the rooms and their sizes, thought out extra space, as well as marks the place where will be located the windows and doors.

At this stage, it takes into account the material from which the house is built. On it depends the thickness of the walls, the size of windows and doors, roof slope. The result is a set of drawings with an explanatory note. You can do everything by hand on paper or by using a specially designed computer software. For more information about them will be discussed below.

Constructive design phase

At this stage, we calculated all the elements of the house. What kind of foundation to use and how it bury. What do "cake" of the walls, floor slabs are chosen, calculated rafter location and the presence of the chimney. As a result, created a set of blueprints to the construction of the walls, with the plan of roof system, floor stairs, lintels, beams and so on. D. All materials must be precisely calculated so that you can buy all the necessary quantity at once.

Engineering projects

This is an important section, which is not always possible to meet on the floor plan, but did not succeed to build a quality house turnkey without him. It includes the calculation and design of sewerage and water supply systems, ventilation systems, heating circuits and electrical equipment.

The project should contain a phased work on laying of communications necessary to support living. The working draft all the information specified in detail about the design capacity building of electrical wiring and grounding system for lightning protection. A separate section is entered the installation of the security system at home.

Design project house

This is the final stage of design. It defined color scheme of facades, roofs, walls and interior decoration. It is advisable to think at the stage of design and stylistic design of rooms, furniture arrangement.

Creating a project with his own hands for a private developer is more rational in the event that all of the construction work it will carry out on their own. Get your hands on the project from the architect, the layman is difficult to understand it and understand exactly all that was on it.

What to look for in the development of an individual project at home

Approach to the project should be comprehensive, taking into account all design and engineering features of the building. To build your dream home, even at the stage of land acquisition, it is necessary to take care of the possibility of arrangement of water, electricity and sewage. But no matter how carefully designed the project at home, a layman still does not take into account all the nuances. And during the construction will inevitably be times when you will need to alter the course or think out individual components.

Modern materials and the availability of information more easier to work for private developers. Thus, the network laid out a large number of free model projects. But we should understand that quality work is not no free will for everyone to use. All of these projects require significant modification or are incomplete.

The second option is to buy a ready domokomplekta factory. It is a cake of the two panels of OSB boards, and between the foam layer. By selecting a specific project of a frame house at the factory, it is produced with all the door and window openings, and for the extra money, and interior partitions.

The customer can only build it on the attached instructions to the likeness of the designer. But in any case, the starting point for the development of any project is the construction budget.

Features of the development of a wooden house project

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When creating the project minced or bar-shaped house, will have to consider a number of nuances that affect the final result:

  • lumber or timber for the house usually have a length of 6 m. During the construction of spacious house this is often insufficient and there is a need in the joining of the beams together. Make it impossible to open the wall, so the calculated data to cut the joints that are further insulated;
  • to ensure proper shrinkage and stiffness of the whole house, the joints are arranged in a staggered manner in each successive crown logs. At the same time they need to spread over several adjacent sever;
  • way to build a log home involves only an even number of angles;
  • the design takes into account the proper distribution of loads on all the load bearing elements;
  • based on the original length of the material to 6 m, the project should be created with the minimal amount of waste;
  • timbered walls of the second floor should be placed only on the load-bearing walls, in all other cases, they are replaced with lighter poles from a bar or edging boards;
  • at the second floor of the attic, the stairs should not be adjacent to the wall, upon which the roof slope.

Program to develop house project

Modern software greatly simplifies the task of designing an independent house. They help to create a 3D model, which can be viewed from all angles approaching or distancing. Most of them are adapted for ordinary users, and cost free. Consider some of the most popular programs.

Perhaps the most popular program is google SketchUp. It is most easy to use, but it is multifunctional.

You can use it to create a 3D house design, interior design and landscaping. It contains a lot of texture and is very convenient for the design of structures that require the calculation to the nearest millimeter. In addition, it is absolutely free.

No less popular and Arcone. But to work with it will come out only after the development of training material. It allows you to create 3D models of houses and interiors. It shows the room lighting, corresponding to the position of windows.

It is particularly important for the development of the project is that by using the program to create horizontal and vertical sections of the building. The licensed version is only available for a fee.

Another demanded program - this ArchiCAD. It is used not only amateurs, but also professionals. This is a set of tools for the design of buildings and design. It allows you to not only create beautiful models, but also to the entire construction and technical documentation. The licensed version is also not free.

Summing up, I want to say that the development of business buildings construction projects laborious and quite difficult. Sketchy part can be created by yourself, but do not rush and carefully thinking through and looking at all sorts of options. But the working part is best left to professionals. Do not do without the help of the architect and project preparation for the district administration for the construction permit.

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