Flowing garden Patriot – model, description, characteristics, differences, reviews

Shredders are used for the processing of natural waste. As a result, significantly reduced the volume of waste, and it turns out environmentally friendly fertilizer. Actual use of devices for cleaning and garden in a private home.

Table of contents:

  1. General characteristics of garden shredders
  2. Garden shredders Patriot

General characteristics of garden shredders

Key performance shredder is the cutter bar, the type and power of the engine.

The tool is equipped with a steel disc, milling or milling turbine blades:

1. For grinding damp twigs, paper and weed enough to use disk storage systems.

2. Solid Milling devices have knives that cope with dry branches. But when working with raw materials rapidly clog the cutter. Typically, the tools are equipped with a mechanism for automatic retraction of the feedstock.

3. Milling tool with a turbine system is a universal one. He copes equally well with dry and wet waste.

Garden shredders operate on gasoline or electric motor. Each option has its pros and cons:

Device with electric engine more compact and less weight. They work with noise up to 90 dB. But shredders limited mobility along the length of the cord.

Garden machines on the gasoline engine powerful and reliable. But it requires careful and costly care: changing the oil and fuel filter candles and cleaning shift.

Depending on the engine power grinders are divided into three groups:

1. Professional with engine power from 6 to 15 kW for processing the material with a diameter of 10 cm. Models equipped with petrol or three phase electric motors.

2. Semi power grinders 3 -. 6 kW for cutting waste cut to 6 cm suited for use at sites in the 15 - 40 ares.

3. amateur or domestic models with the engine to 2.5 kW and a rotary cutting knife. Used for processing branches of up to 4 cm.

Garden shredders Patriot

Patriot American company manufactures garden shredders on gasoline and electric engines.

Consider their range, their similarities and differences:

1. Chopper Patriot SE 24 is a compact and light device domestic classes:

  • used for processing branches of up to 4 cm and the weed leaves,
  • powered by an electric motor power of 2.4 kW,
  • the engine speeds up to 4,500 rev / min,
  • when operating the machine makes a noise level of 99 dB,
  • retraction system branches
  • productivity than 120 kg / h,
  • the presence of the reverse,
  • weight is 13 kg,
  • the cost of a garden shredder from 155 to 177 USD

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2. Gasoline chopper Patriot SB 76 copes with the branches with a diameter up to 7.5 cm tool relates to a semi-professional equipment and has the following characteristics.:

  • four-stroke engine Lifan-Loncin,
  • motor power 6.5 hp,
  • tank volume 3.6 L
  • price range 570 - 590 USD

Flowing Patriot SB BS 76 unlike its analog powered by Briggs&Stratton. A volume of the tank under the gasoline over 0.2 liters.

3. Patriot SB100 E Gardening device is able to grind the material with a diameter up to 10 cm It has the following characteristics.:

  • Engine power 13 hp .
  • 16 crushing blades
  • fuel tank 6.5 l
  • manual and auto start,
  • weight 108 kg,
  • the average price of 1120 USD

Models Patriot SB 76, Patriot SB 76 Patriot SB100 BS and E are a number of similarities:

  • natural air cooling,
  • four-stroke gasoline engine,
  • maximum rotational speed of 3600 rev / min,
  • wheels and handle for easy movement,
  • rugged steel housing.

All grinding equipment Patriot is on a 24-month warranty.

For work in the area to 15 acres is enough power model Patriot SE 24. For the processing of large branches or waste in large quantities, it is necessary to consider the options of petrol counterparts.

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