Wiper Karcher wv 50 plus – an overview of where to buy, guide, reviews

Wiper Karcher wv 50 plus - is a useful and very handy gadget for the household and for the cleaning up services. This unit makes it easy and fast to remove plaque and dirt stains from glass surfaces of windows, doors and furniture. It operates the apparatus in the vertical and horizontal plane, whereby it effectively used for cleaning glass tables. Also, this device is good at washing all of tiled surfaces, products made of porcelain, glass and other things.

Table of contents:

  1. Wiper Description Karcher wv 50 plus
  2. Instructions for use wiper Karcher wv 50 plus and recommendations
  3. Where better to buy a windshield wiper Karcher wv 50 plus with accessories

Wiper Description Karcher wv 50 plus

The operating principle of the wiper plus Karcher wv 50 is assembled with the liquid surface. Collecting all the drops from the glass and leaving it dry, the device helps to carry out the washing of windows without any consequences as a divorce. The use of detergents is reduced to a minimum. Cleaning using this machine guarantees the highest purity at the microscopic level, since all bacteria on the surface destroyed.

Wiper Karcher wv plus 50 is driven by a battery, which expands the scope of application of the device without limiting it only premises with access to electrical power. The feature of this model is that it is equipped with a spray bottle, accommodating 250 mL of water. The bottle has a removable disk microfibre and concentrated cleaners. Also in the package includes a battery charger and battery. The device operates by battery 20 minutes, the time of its full charge 3 h. suction nozzle size - 280 mm.

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Instructions for use wiper Karcher wv 50 plus and recommendations

Recommended use:

  • It is not recommended to use the device for sucking dust. This unit is only suitable for collecting water from the glass, mirror or tile surfaces.

  • It is not recommended to clean the appliance accidentally spilled liquids in large quantities. In the horizontal plane the maximum amount of liquid which absorbs the apparatus without damage to itself - 25 ml.
  • only those detergents that do not foam and does not contain alcohol to be used in tandem with the device are suitable. It is recommended to purchase a specialized wiper cleaner Karcher.
  • To complete the unit is permitted only with spare parts from the manufacturer which correspond to this model.
  • Violation of the rules of operation leads to device failure, which is not covered by warranty. In this situation, the wiper will not be replaced or repaired at the service center.

Safety in the work with wiper Karcher wv 50 plus:

  • Do not use the device in children and adolescents.
  • Care should be taken that the ventilation slots are not foreign objects.
  • Charging the battery is carried out only specialized charger that is included. Any other leads to the conclusion of the system battery.

  • When working with wiper or allow the direction of the jet in the eye, you also need to make sure that the liquid does not fall on electrical appliances.
  • When cleaning surfaces with a soft coating must first check its napkin in an inconspicuous place. This is necessary to keep the surface from scratches and damage.

Collecting device before using:

  • The spray head is removed from the bottle, it is put on the nozzle for washing.
  • A locking ring attached to the nozzle head. On napkin is worn nozzle, which is attached Velcro tape.
  • The balloon is filled nebulizer concentrated agent with the expectation that it is diluted in the ratio 1:20.
  • The water balloon is topped up to its filling. Container tightly closed.
  • Before you start, check the battery and charge it if necessary. the charging connector on the rear of the unit. During charging, the indicator light flashes when the battery is fully charged, it burns without interruption.

  • Cleaning the cylinder surface is carried out with a sprayer or without it. Without the cylinder is applied to the surface of detergent in any convenient manner. Further, the device passes through glass, removing all of the liquid along with spots. If there are sophisticated pollution, the movement is carried out in two directions - from the top and down.
  • During cleaning using detergent container is applied by pressing the sprayer handle. Further, dirt and soap are removed with a cloth for washing.

Where better to buy a windshield wiper Karcher wv 50 plus with accessories

Karcher purchase the company's products the best in retail stores and at authorized dealers, as this guarantees the quality of the goods and availability of service. This applies to all devices from the company, as well as accessories. Purchase additional equipment is recommended at the same store where the unit itself has been purchased.

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