How do I change the cartridge to the punch

For professionals in their replacement or repair of the gun cartridge is easy. But what about those who are not engaged in the construction and renovation at the professional level? As any man in my life has ever held in his hands a drill, he must be aware of the process of removing and replacing it with a cartridge. In this case, the reasons may be different, since it slows down a gear rim and ending with a major breakdown. How do I change the cartridge in the punch? Consider replacing more.


  1. How to remove the cartridge from the gun
  2. How to disassemble the gun cartridge
  3. How to replace a cartridge in the punch

How to remove the cartridge from the gun

In the first phase should determine which cartridge is used directly in your punch. They are jaw, collet and quick-SDS. The latter, in turn, are one- and dvuhgilzovye. The jaw chuck drill fixed with a key, which is not the collet and quick-SDS. In order to replace the drill bit in the collet chuck SDS, we just need to crank it.

Replacing the cartridge in the punch begins with a study of mountings. It can hold at the expense of the screw shaft or spindle. In most cases, remove the cartridge is easy. However, sometimes there are more strong fixation that will require patience and tools. In a simplified embodiment, firmly fixed chuck removed by a hammer and screwdriver key. removing process is as follows:

- knock on the head of the screw, in order to weaken the fixation;

- unscrew with a screwdriver;

- cartridge clip in the key / vise spindle and scrolling.

Cartridge device perforator

Almost any building tool is a versatile and hammers were no exception. For them, there are many different nozzles, adapters, cartridges. The basis for the product of any kind of work is a cartridge. for the gun adapter is used to set the drill, which is removed from the usual drill. Bits and drill bits have a huge variety and are selected in accordance with the tasks.

Always keep at home a replaceable cartridge for the gun, because at any moment one can fail. It should also be noted that for each type of work is preferable to use different cartridges. The main types are unloaded:

- quick: for those who frequently change the nozzle during operation;

- key: for large drills.

Fans often wonder why you need so many varieties of cartridges. Let us remember that there are drills with larger and smaller facilities. If the tool is powerful, it is necessary to think about a secure fastening of the drill and bit. Such as the chuck SDS-max is designed for deep planting, and thus the probability that the drill will fly during operation is reduced to a minimum. The same with the less powerful punches that are designed for "jewelry" work. In this case, more emphasis is placed not on the lock, and accuracy.

In order to know how to repair the gun cartridge, it is necessary to examine its structure. But how the cartridge the gun?

At one time the drill was attached by means of movable cams, but progress does not stand still. In SDS drills are fixed due to 2-guiding wedges and 2 detent balls. SDS-plus and SDS-max differ only in the amount of steering wedges (the latter of 1 more). Thus, the mount comes very reliable and fast.

It simplifies and fixing the nozzle itself: only need to insert the selected attachment into the outlet of the cartridge, gently press and wait for the click. Thus, the nozzle is well fixed. Removing the drill also is not particularly difficult: the movable lid pressing - and the drill is removed.

Additionally, a perforator may include:

- speed control;

- electronic reverse

- brush reverse;

- quick-change system (quick change chuck for rotary hammer);

- immobilizer;

- indicators (indicate the degree of wear and tear);

- anti-vibration system;

- the friction clutch (jamming protection).

How to disassemble the gun cartridge

When disassembling the cartridge should be considered the manufacturer, because the punch holder and dismantling will be significantly different. To date, the list of the most popular include:

- Insert for punch bosch;

- chuck perforator makita;

- Insert for punch Interskol.

Consider the example of the disassembly of the cartridge on the Bosch hammer drill:

1. The plastic part is removed, remove the rubber seal.

2. plying screwdriver, carefully remove the locking ring.

3. Next, the locking washer.

4. During the second ring washer shall see. It should turn and remove, and prying with a screwdriver.

5. For SDS see plastic part clamp consisting of a spring, ball and washer. The first ball is removed, then - a washer and a spring.

Cartridge assort with different goals: repair, replacement of individual components, cleaning, lubrication, etc. Spout perforator Makita and other manufacturers versed about the same, except for single nuances that are recorded, proceeding from the cartridge design.

After dismantling works and everything that had been planned to work with the cartridge components, a natural question arises: how to assemble the cartridge the gun? Just use the disassembly instructions, starting with the last and ending with the first stage (to do everything exactly the opposite).

How to replace a cartridge in the punch

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We have already written about the fact that not every cartridge fit any drill. We also reviewed the process of removal and even disassembling the cartridge. To install the new cartridge, follow these steps:

- HERZ-TS to drill chuck (twist stop);

- insert the screw into the slot;

- turn the screw with a screwdriver (also to stop).

Come seriously to the choice of cartridges for the gun. The price is very diverse, but do not spend the money wasted buying the cartridge, which for your drill may not be suitable. The ideal option would be to take the instrument with you, if it is a market, or seek assistance from a consultant, if an online store.

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