Laying linoleum on the wooden floor

Wooden flooring is already finished coating. But, in the event of any defects or simply when a tree loses its original form, it requires replacement or restoration of an old wooden surface. Flooring linoleum on the wooden floor - a great option for solving this problem. How to do it correctly and at the proper level we consider in this article.

Table of contents:

  1. Preparation of the wooden floor beneath linoleum
  2. Tips for installing plywood for adjusting the wooden floor
  3. Tips for choosing a Linoleum Wood Floor
  4. to perform successful linoleum stacking requirements on wooden floor
  5. Methods styling linoleum on wooden floor
  6. How to put linoleum on the wooden floor with glue
  7. The final stage: installation of plinths
  8. How to properly care for linoleum

Preparation of the wooden floor beneath linoleum

Before you lay linoleum on the wooden floor should hold a series of preparatory work.

1. First you need to ensure good ventilation of the space, which is located under the floor. Since linoleum is not breathable, no ventilation will collect moisture. The formation of mold and mildew, in this case, is inevitable.

2. Be sure to leave a gap between a layer of wooden planks and the support surface. With expanded clay, slag or rock wool sound insulating gap left.

3. If the floor has been set in advance, and the gap is not provided, then make a few moves ventilation and cover them on top of bars.

4. The next stage - examination of the wooden floor. If the floor has damaged the board - replace them with new ones. With the help of a hair dryer building, and a trowel to remove the remnants of the old paint. Sander or tsyklevanie help avoid fluctuations and curvature of the wooden floor. The maximum difference of the wooden floor should be 2 mm.

In that case, if the floor has only minor defects and damage, perform a number of actions:

  • boards that stagger or creak, securely, using screws;
  • all cap screws to be drowned, and gain in-depth putty;
  • zashpaklyuyte also all cracks and crevices between the boards;
  • on those parts of the floor that squeak should determine the cause of the squeak;
  • Corrections for squeaking pour graphite powder or talc in squeaking gap between the boards;
  • If this option does not help, remove the board and substitute the auxiliary board.

Tip: For the sealing of all joints on the surface of the wooden floor, use a special putty for wood, which consists of PVA glue and wood flour.

When the wooden floor has obvious defects, which are difficult to correct. excellent option is to install a veneer, a wood coating.

Tips for installing plywood for adjusting the wooden floor

1. In order to cover the old flooring, use conventional plywood or fiberboard. If the floor caves in, choose thicker materials such as plasterboard or derevostruzhechnaya plate.

2. When choosing plasterboard plate 12 mm thick, Stel coating in two layers with the vertical placement of the sheets.

3. Secure the plywood sheets with glue and screws. The distance between the screws of about 35 cm.

4. In no case do not use waterproof film, because the tree has to constantly breathe and take the excess moisture.

5. For a suitable insulation layer of foamed polyethylene.

6. To avoid squeaking leave a gap between the sheets of thickness O, 5-1 mm.

7. When the plywood is glued and fixed, hide all the cap screws, zashpaklyuyte joints and sand the surface.

Leveling and preparation of the wood floor before laying linoleum - a very important process, which in any case can not be skipped. Any linoleum, even the multi-layer, not hide defects floor, and after a while even better show them.

Tips for choosing a Linoleum Wood Floor

1. Before going to the store, be sure to make measurements of the width and length of the room. Linoleum is different sizes: 2.5 W, 4, or 4 meters. If the width of the room allows you to block the room without the formation of joints, select this option. By the width and length of the room you need to add margin to 6-7 cm.

2. Consider covering species for laying linoleum on the wooden floor:

  • PVC linoleum with a fabric, foam or insulating base;
  • to provide good heat and sound insulation, use foam linoleum, which is made up of four layers;
  • good ductility and strength has normal tissue linoleum;
  • if necessary, create a uniform structure, as well as resistance to mechanical damage Great - laying linoleum without subbase;
  • linoleum made from alkyd materials, though the strength differs in operation, but tends to form cracks on the surface;
  • for commercial or industrial premises suitable rubber linoleum, which is characterized by ductility and strength;
  • kolloksilovoe coating has a peculiar gloss and flexibility;
  • linoleum, made with natural materials such as wood flour, linseed oil, cork chips, jute canvas provide environmental and saves the active release of harmful substances.

3. Note that linoleum made from natural materials, has a small operating time and wear out quickly.

4. linoleum thickness should be more than 4 mm, because of the likelihood of discontinuities during installation and operation. Such linoleum is able to last up to twenty years.

5. When choosing linoleum take into account factors such as reliability, stability, thermal insulation, sound insulation, the price, the material from which made, size and design.

6. Transportation linoleum only in rolls.

to perform successful linoleum stacking requirements on wooden floor

After the selection and purchase of linoleum roll should be left for a few hours in the room, which will be held Grinding. This is to ensure that the linoleum took the room temperature, and subsequent installation is not deformed. The room temperature should not be below 14 degrees, and higher than 19. Humidity 40 to 60%. Once adopted linoleum room temperature, lay linoleum on the wooden floor, and leave for one or two days, for the adoption of the form and complete alignment.

If you have to work with not one, but several rolls of linoleum, make sure that the rolls are taken from the same batch. Since in the subsequent encounter any problems in splicing seams and gaps.

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Polivinilhloridovanye types of linoleum is laid in a reverse direction, and natural - in usual.

Methods styling linoleum on wooden floor

1. In a small room area of ​​14 sqm suitable method of laying linoleum without gluing. After alignment linoleum surfaces should be cut excess, and attach using linoleum baseboards. In this wall near leave a gap of about 15 mm, since the temperature difference varies linoleum Plinth density subsequently conceal the gap. If you do not leave a gap, then linoleum little stretched forms a swollen areas on which will get rid of hard.

2. For a more reliable linoleum flooring is used double-sided tape. Subsequently, when replacing linoleum, no problem with removing the coating. Adhesive tape is glued on the perimeter grid of about 50 cm. In the coating of the wooden floor linoleum remove the protective paper tape and meter by meter adhered to the linoleum floor. In this case, you need to watch out for smoothing the surface.

3. The most reliable method of laying linoleum gluing it. This is the only option for laying linoleum premises of more than 22 m².

How to put linoleum on the wooden floor with glue

For gluing linoleum on the old wooden floor using a special glue that sells any hardware store.

Tools and materials for:

  • pencil,
  • Painting knife
  • notched trowel,
  • roller,
  • linoleum,
  • glue,
  • cold welding,
  • silicone adhesive,
  • masking tape,
  • metal ruler,
  • linoleum,
  • screws,
  • screwdriver,
  • plinth.

Tips for proper gluing of linoleum:

  • before work make the layout and trim excess linoleum, while leaving a margin on either side of about 60 mm;
  • prepared linoleum base lift up and release of the room for the application of glue;
  • Apply glue areas, using a wide trowel;
  • note in the instructions given to the glue a certain time, which is maintained after the application of adhesive and before gluing linoleum;
  • after gluing linoleum smooth surface should first hand and then using a roller to remove remaining air and to avoid blistering;
  • the rest of the surface is necessary to glue in this way;
  • after drying proceed with the installation of the baseboards.

Tip: For gluing joints of linoleum, use colorless silicone adhesive and masking tape. On both sides of the joint stick masking tape and apply the adhesive after gluing joints masking tape is removed. For quality interfacing using liquid for welding seams.

The final stage: installation of plinths

Choosing plinth depends on the preferences of the owner. Wooden skirting board looks solid, and do not emit harmful substances. Plastic moldings can hide the irregularities of the walls, as eventually take their shape, as well as hide all the wiring and communication.

Depending on the colors available classical variant - homogeneous color combination of the coating and the plinth, the plinth if select steamed lighter or darker tones - is visible clear boundary between the wall and the floor. It all depends on the interior design.

To install the flat plastic skirting used liquid nails. Wooden skirting boards are fixed with nails or screws to the upper base of the wall.

Tip: Do not attach the baseboard to the linoleum, because over the years there is a gradual shrinkage of the coating. In this case baseboard moved away from the wall and forms a gap.

How to properly care for linoleum

1. For the cleaning necessary to use special cleaners or plain water.

2. Do not use for washing floors of linoleum ammonia and soda.

3. Furniture wear special pads, in order to avoid scratches.

4. Heavy objects should be thick and robust legs, so will avoid sagging of the coating.

5. To linoleum served for many years, use special polish, varnish or linseed oil.

6. Applying polish will help preserve the pristine structure and give shine linoleum.

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