Repair of the roof of the garage with his hands

Garage - second home. At least for men. And if the apartment order support his wife, the garage reshuffle issues involved in cleaning and repairing husband. However, often it is not limited to conventional washing floors, and the floor is necessary to repair, and the gates, and even the repair of the roof of the garage to do their own. Well, how else! Everything should be in order! It is about the roof and on how to patch a hole in it with his own hands and will be discussed in this article.


  1. Ways to repair the garage roof
  2. Preparing the roof for repair work
  3. Repair of the garage roofs using hot bitumen
  4. Repair of soft roofing materials garage roof
    • ruberoid
    • Bikrost
  5. Repair of the roof of the garage with the help of a professional flooring and metal
    • Decking
    • metal

Ways to repair the garage roof

In fact, one or another way to repair the roof of the garage depends on the construction itself, the type of roof construction and the degree of wear. As a rule, in private households, where the garage is separate from the house, apply inexpensive roofing materials with long service life. This decking, metal, shingles and ondulin. Collective as garages hardly pokroesh Bent or tiles, there will be more appropriate soft materials based on bitumen.

In connection with this, there are three ways to repair the roof of the garage:

  1. Using hot bitumen
  2. With the help of soft roofing materials
  3. With the help of a professional flooring or tiles

Preparing the roof for repair work

The first step is to determine the degree of wear of the roof and to identify those elements which require replacement. In addition, it should be reserved by special equipment and some free time. The fastest way is carried out repairs of the garage roof with sheet and roll materials, but with the pieces (tiles, for example) have to tinker. Look: one corrugated sheet may cover a surface of up to 9 m, and the sheet of shingles - 0.14 sq.m. It turns out that in order to cover all the same 9 sq.m. you have to fix on the surface of the roof tile sheets 63 and it takes you a lot of time and effort.

So, before starting repair work, remove all debris from the roof and carefully clean the most problematic of its place. Carefully inspect the roof, maybe things are not so bad and you can confine patches rather than complete replacement of the roof. If the old material more suitable, then just cut down with an ax holes in places that are considered a problem - in the future you have them patched and thereby return the roof to its former reliability.

If the roof of your garage was covered with soft roofing materials such as roofing material, it is possible you will notice on its surface cracks or bulges. Such defects must be removed before repairs. To do this, take a sharp knife and cut the place blemish crosswise. Peel back a triangle so that they bristled and does not prevent you to move freely on the roof, and all their "insides", thoroughly clean from dust and debris. Later these holes you will flood the bitumen, thereby preventing leakage.

Repair of the garage roofs using hot bitumen

Deciding to repair the roof of the garage with his hands using hot bitumen, you will need to stock up on:

  • bitumen - ½ bag
  • bucket - is not sorry
  • rope - to lift the bucket on the roof
  • stairs - otherwise you will rise to the garage
  • metal hook - a bucket for easy lifting
  • firewood and gasoline - Bonfire
  • bricks - for the construction of "barbecue"
  • brush - for cleaning problem areas from dirt
  • gloves.

After cleaning the garage roof of debris and dirt, do some warm-up bitumen. To do this, Kindle fireplace and build something like a brazier for a shish kebab - it you put a bucket of bitumen. When the material heats up and becomes plastic, you can begin to fill it.

Lift the bucket on the roof and cover with hot bitumen problem areas, setting the direction of the material with a wooden board. You can "patch" so that the entire surface, but only those defects which are the source of a leak in the rain. Be particularly careful to spill holes cut through earlier. Make sure that the bitumen filled them up to the top, leaving no chance for water.

Repair of soft roofing materials garage roof

For soft roofing materials include roofing and Bikrost. The first laid on to the mastic asphalt, the second is welded by a gas burner. Accordingly, it can be concluded that Bikrost much easier to install because you do not have to bother with mastic.


Repair garage roof with roofing material is also not difficult. If you have decided that the overhaul with a complete replacement of the roof you have not yet required, just cut a few pieces of roofing material and bury them slotted holes. Cut-off must fully correspond to the sizes of holes, otherwise all the work will come to nothing.

First, inside the hole or resin applied bituminous mastic. Then a piece of roofing felt is laid, and on top of another layer of bitumen. Wait drying is not necessary, but you must immediately return the folded triangles into place. It now remains only to patch formed sections with one another patch. The main thing - that was the size of a piece of a few centimeters over the damaged areas. On top of the patch, apply an additional layer of mastic - so you will achieve the desired result more likely.

The next step (of course, if you decide to completely obscure the roof) - complete waterproofing of the roof using roofing material. Laying the panels made on a layer of tar, which should be applied in parts as the work. The strips of roofing material overlap overlapped 10-15 centimeters. If, during the laying of bubbles appear, they make an incision with a knife and cuts seat tightly pressed against the surface of the roof and an additional coat with tar.

Pay special attention to the junction of the roof of your garage with the neighboring rooftops. As a rule, these joints cracks and delamination of the old materials.

When the roofing material help to create a single, almost whole, cloth, prevents the penetration of moisture into the room. In most cases, enough of one layer of material, double the carpet satisfied in cases where either the operating conditions are quite complicated, or weather conditions are poor.

The cost of repairing the roof of the garage using the roofing material around 500-600 rubles. This amount includes roofing material itself (210-300 rubles per roll 10-15 meters), resin or bitumen - $ 100 per bag and the materials at hand (if not available in your arsenal).


With Bikrost it is much easier, because the material does not require the use of asphalt mastic or tar. For its installation using a gas burner, and it is fastened to the roof surface using a special layer of oxidized bitumen, which is quickly and easily adheres to the substrate.

Carefully unroll a roll of 50-60 centimeters. Warm the underside of the gas burner and the push piece to the roof surface by means of a T-shaped stick. Standing feet on the fresh roof, roll roll even half a meter and again warm the underside of the burner. The second band of the correct overlapped with the first centimeters na7-8.

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Thus, for the repair of standard municipal garage roof, you will need only an hour and a half, whereas with roofing felt or bitumen have to be busy much longer. However, in the case of Bikrost to repair the roof of the garage of the price of the repair will increase from 500 rubles to 1,500 rubles, as surfaced material is much more expensive roofing material.

Repair of the roof of the garage with the help of a professional flooring and metal

In private households garage - it is usually a separate building. The roof is in such structures is usually done from hard roofing materials such as corrugated board, shingles or metal. Replace the damaged sheet of corrugated board does not take much, but sometimes there are situations when you need to replace the roof.


To do this you will need a circular saw, tape measure, and screwdriver. Scat detached garage consists of corrugated sheets of solid that will not increase in length, such as in the case with metal. Overlap in this case the side, so one wave will be quite enough. Since the width of the sheet is slightly more than a meter, then the standard length of 5 meters garage need five sheets of corrugated board.

In one of the upper corners, set the first page with the help of the screwdriver, but do not immediately mount it "firmly". Next fasten two sheet and check the match line with the ridge edges of the sheets. After all the sheets are aligned, secure them permanently. The top and bottom of the sheeting is secured by wave, and its middle - in a staggered manner.


Metal fastened upwards. Fixing it is carried out with screws, equipped with a rubber gasket (you can buy them, but you can do it yourself). Stel sheets overlapping tiles, and for their reliable fixation at the top and bottom of the sheet there are special latch. In principle, all quick and easy, though, tile cost is quite high, which means that you will have to pay a large sum to repair the roof of his garage. But, as it is beautiful!

Summarizing, we note that no matter what method of repair of the roof you choose, you will still be a dangerous job - garage height about 2 meters and when to break out, it is possible to break all the bones. Be attentive and careful - careful not hurt anyone yet.

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