Installation of wooden window sill: step by step guide

After installation of wooden window comes the next important process - the installation of a wooden window sill. That the execution of this operation gives the window a more finished and attractive appearance. In addition, a properly installed wooden sill retains heat in the house, making the window more accurately, and is a place to install all sorts of items. To learn how to properly install a wooden window sill consider further.

Table of contents:

  1. The main functions and variety of wooden window sills
  2. How to install a wooden window sill: features and installation technology
  3. Manufacture and installation of wooden window sills
  4. Installation of wooden window sill in a wooden house

The main functions and variety of wooden window sills

One of the main elements, which are located on the window sill is. It performs many functions, and in particular:

1. Provides protection from cold and drafts. This condition is met if the sill during installation all the technological nuances and subtleties have been complied with.

2. Performs shelf function. The window sill is a great place to set the colors, books and other kinds of objects.

3. Place of rest or read - extensive sills often perform the function of the seat or sofa, from which nice to see the view from the window.

4. Winter Garden - if well placed pots on the surface of the window sill, it will be possible to achieve the effect of the winter garden that will delight all around.

5. Using sill as additional workspace possible if its width is greater than 30 cm. Install or notebook computer, a desk lamp, or other objects on a window sill. Thus, it is possible to achieve a maximum space saving.

6. If the right to choose and install a window sill in the room, then it will make it more cozy and comfortable.

There are many varieties of window sills. In relation to the method of installation, window sills are divided into:

  • wide sills type - their width is 40 cm or more, the installation of such sill possible in case of extensive supporting walls, in addition, this type of sill saves valuable floor space and decorates the battery;

  • forms narrow sills assume a width not exceeding ten centimeters, this type depends on the sill structure and the individual properties of buildings and rarer previous;
  • formal type of sill - the almost complete lack of it, in this case as a window sill stands a small area of ​​window slopes, which practically does not perform any functions;
  • sill, running on a wall - is a classic embodiment sills mounting start average width of 15-20 cm;
  • absence of a run on the wall sill is more economical one of its installation, since the length of the sill is reduced and, respectively, reduced and its manufacturing costs.

In relation to the form of sills are:

  • direct or classic - fit perfectly into any interior space;
  • arcuate - sills such types are characterized by having curved lines in the form of an arc or wave differ originality and novelty in the interior.

Wooden window sills photo:

Depending on the material from which made the window sill, they are:

  • plastic - the most affordable, less expensive, although it is not practical and is not long-lasting, because of the instability to scratches and high temperatures;
  • sills, which is present on the acrylic-based coating - Plastic windowsill improved type, which is characterized by resistance to high temperature and various chemical compositions;
  • sill coated artificial stone - fits the interior defined type is characterized by high cost, instability before abrasives and high temperatures;
  • the most expensive, but not quite practical - the window sill, natural stone;
  • a cheaper option of a wooden window sill is the sill, made of MDF, its qualitative characteristics are much worse than those of wood;
  • plasterboard or oshukaturenny sill requires its further shpalevkoy trim, ceramic tile or artificial stone;
  • Wooden window sills - are sustainable, practical and versatile, while the production of such sill requires care in selecting quality materials comply with mounting technology and care for it, as the tree is unstable to moisture, it must be processed by special means, that prevent it from cracking, swelling or strain.

How to install a wooden window sill: features and installation technology

To install a wooden window sill, you must have the very sill and support tools in the form of:

  • gon;
  • Measuring tape;
  • building level;
  • brushes;
  • a reservoir for ground;
  • gun foam;
  • controllers install window sill in the form of a peg.

First, it should be clearly determine the size of the future sill, which will depend on the method and installation technology.

The first step is to process the window sill using the moisture barrier compositions that will prevent premature spoilage and increase the duration of the operation. Pay special attention to areas in which the sill is in contact with the wall.

The window opening, to which you are installing the sill should be cleaned of dust and dirt, cover the primer.

Installation of the sill is made in accordance with the level of the bubble or laser type. Furthermore, the variant of the installation of the sill on the previously leveled ground.

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If the walls of the house are made of bricks or panels, the sill is fixed on them with the help of foam. For additional fixation on the outside window sill to the window frame is secured with screws. the screw length should allow him to go through the entire surface of the box and the window sill.

If the width of the sill is too big and it is much in favor of the surface of the window, then it will require additional strengthening using strong steel bars over wood or metal pins, which are mounted directly on the wall. Further, the sill is installed on a wall surface via a mounting foam.

If you plan to install a window sill in the house, made of wood, all the work carried out during the planning of the window opening.

If the master of the house has a high quality woodworking machines, the window sill, in this case, constructed of the very opening. If you are installing a wooden window sill, his fixation is carried out by means of wood glue or screws, depending on the product width.

Manufacture and installation of wooden window sills

For the manufacture of high-quality wood sill should choose good drying, characterized by high strength and homogeneous structure. It should not be present swirls or browning. Wooden sill pine - distinguished by high strength characteristics, because of the presence of this material in large amounts of resin that has an antiseptic effect. Another quality material for sill acts as oak. His strength characteristics of long service sill. Wooden window sills from the array are good indicators of impact resistance and resistance to mechanical influences.

End portions of the boards are thoroughly grinding and polishing, and the lower part is made of special application of grooves, whose size depends on the product width.

In the process of determining the size of the window sill, keep in mind that two of its sides and the front of the set to the wall with a deep, at least 40 mm, so you should add this value on three sides. In addition, even the one hand, the window sill must extend beyond the wall at least 60 mm.

Before installing a wooden window sill should be made whether his treatment varnish paint that will increase product life. The lower part of the sill is processed compositions antiseptic action that will prevent mold or mildew, and provide protection from insects.

To insulate the window opening, it is recommended for coating the bottom of the sill via the felt. He fixed on wood with nails. Prepared boards laid on the surface, made of brick and lime-treated solution with gypsum. At the same time, the board immediately set into recesses, which has done in the walls near the windows.

First the gradual installation of the window sill underneath the lower timber portion, and its fixation is carried pretreated nails whose length is more than 10 cm and in which the cut caps. To simplify the task of fixing the windowsill, it is recommended to first install the nails in the lower part of the timber, and then impose them on the window sill itself.

In addition, the installation of the sill should not be done with a slope. Although if the slope still exists, it should be located in the inner part of the living. For its arrangement will require the presence of small wedges that are put in position and filled with cement mortar. They are installing the sill with his hands.

After fixing of the sill, the excess solution is removed and all the spaces filled with the foam. Further slopes and plastered joints, and sill being prepared for operation, which seems possible after drying grout.

Installation of wooden window sill in a wooden house

Process in a wooden house installation of wooden windows should Frames space, namely the installation of Window sills or casings. For sill is better to prefer hardwood, in the form of oak or beech, as it is they who are least exposed to mechanical stress.

sill size depends on the individual preferences of the room and from the functions assigned to it. The most optimal width of the sill is 25 to 50 cm, and its length depends on the window size.

Note that during the installation of a window sill two-thirds of its parts should be on a solid surface, and a third droop. Maximum protrusion of the sill to the wall is 7 cm. If done more projection then broken heat exchange indoor and windows will be formed condensate.

In addition, it is better to choose not whole wood portions, and laminated veneer lumber, which is characterized by higher strength and deformation resistance to moisture. Windowsill of laminated veneer lumber is able to serve its owners for more than fifty years.

Please find the instructions for installation of wooden window sill:

1. Prepare the planting base is the initial stage of the sill assembly. The lower part of the window opening are aligned and the side a little beat to make the slope a few centimeters deep into the wall. Thus improving the appearance of the window and the sill is locked firmly in the wall.

2. To align the board in a horizontal position should install wedges, which perform this operation.

3. Next, a board, and wedges are regulated in accordance with its evenness.

4. In those places where the window sill enters the slopes made its fixation with foam. When the foam hardens, the processing is carried out the bottom of the board. Thus, a reliable fastening the sill to the opening surface.

In order not to make concrete perfectly smooth wooden base under the slope, the variant of the installation of a Penoplex - modern insulation, which quickly and accurately align the surface. Furthermore, it is stable to shrinkage, temperature drop, low moisture absorption, resistance to mechanical impacts, good insulation.

A properly installed wooden sill has a number of features, namely:

  • lack of tight contact to the window opening of the board, between them should be a slight clearance which is sealed by using a sealant;
  • sill slope should be directed towards the inside of the building;
  • If the sill is beyond the surface of the wall more than ten centimeters, its fixation is carried out by means of metal elements.

Installation of wooden window sills video:

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