Comparison of plastic window profiles

Plastic windows firmly occupy the leading position. They are characterized by a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation, also provide a choice of accessories, the method of opening the windows and the color profile. You can also choose the glazing with the required number of cameras. But few people think that it is a window profile provides strength and durability of the entire structure. This article will compare the different characteristics and manufacturers of plastic window profiles.


  1. General information about plastic windows profile
  2. Characteristics of PVC profiles for plastic windows
    • Material
    • Design
    • Reinforcement
    • class Profile
  3. Comparison of the manufacturers of plastic window profiles
    • VEKA
    • REHAU
    • SCHUKO
    • The profiles of the German company KBE
      • KBE Etalon - chamber profile
      • KBE expert - five-chamber profile
      • The estimated cost of windows from KBE profile
  4. What to look for when choosing a plastic profile with glass

General information about plastic windows profile

The average thickness of the plastic window profile varies between 58 mm and 86 mm, but some firms produce products up to 127 mm wide.

Its inner hollow portion, but is divided webs which create several air chambers. Special technical calculation determines their size and location. The wider profile, the greater the number of cells therein, increasing teplosohrannye properties. Another characteristic of the profile system - the width of the filling, which determines what type of glass can be installed in the profile. They come in single or dual-chamber type, the width of the glass in a standard glass is 4 mm (M1 grade).

Each chamber has its purpose:

  • for water outflow;
  • fastening fittings;
  • responsible for the strength, and so on. d.

Color profile can be varied, the color is applied in several ways:

  • coextrusion method - multilayer films provide a barrier, allowing the product to withstand dynamic loads free of damage;

  • lamination - with simulated texture, such as a marble or wood;
  • monophonic coloration.

Characteristics of PVC profiles for plastic windows


  • This product is made of a variety of plastic - white PVC.
  • The material is highly resistant to chemical attack by alkalis, solvents, acids and mineral oils.
  • It is harmless to humans and the environment.

  • PVC due to its distinctive properties allows to produce frames for insulating glass not only a rectangular or square shape, but also in the form of arches, triangles, circles, and so on. Thus, giving absolutely any simple or complex configuration window, allowing you to translate into reality, even the most unconventional idea of ​​designers and architects.


The inner part of the plastic profile body is divided by longitudinal partitions, in turn, they form a cavity (air chamber). The minimum number of chambers in the profile - 3, the maximum - 8. The number of cells defines the degree of heat insulation and sound absorption window, the more air cavities, the higher the performance. Now it should be noted that the popular 3- and 5-chamber profiles.


For additional stiffening profile is reinforced. Metal frame construction provides the necessary strength and reliability in the operation window. For reinforcement profile is used, galvanized steel, so it does not deform when temperature changes or other environmental influences.

  • T-shaped reinforcement - metal insert is installed along two walls;
  • U-shaped reinforcement, wherein the metal enhances the three walls;
  • Closed type of reinforcement - metal insert is located along the four walls.

For window structures which are insulated glazing up to 1900 mm in height, suitable U-shaped reinforcement profile. However, for plastic windows of large dimensions, for example, to the balcony or loggia, required profile with a closed reinforcement.

class Profile

The thickness of the walls of the profile determines that it belongs to a particular class:

  • Class A - wall thickness profile should be at least 3 mm;
  • Class B - profile where the wall thickness is 2.5 mm;
  • Class C - non-normalized wall thickness.

As a result, the width of the profile of plastic windows depends on its class. The higher it is, the wider profile, respectively.

Comparison of the manufacturers of plastic window profiles

On the Russian market their products are many both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Leading position in the ranking of profiles for plastic windows occupy the company:

  • Slovakia - INTERNOVA;
  • Korea - LG CHEM;
  • Belgium - DECEUNINCK;
  • Russia - MONTBLANC and PROPLEX.


  • Profile produced by German technology in Russia, they always correspond to the class A, suitable for all regions, with any climate.

  • Profiled system from CENTURY represented in 8 kinds of basic depth, of from 58 to 90 mm, and the number of cells varies from 3 to 6. As a result of improvements of this profile is reliable, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.


  • The world-famous profile of the German company.
  • It is these products from economy to elite class, subject to any weather conditions.
  • Mounting width of 60 to 86 mm, the number of cameras - from 3 to 6.

  • Window profile with a high level REHAU insulation (Class 5), good thermal insulation, if desired may be gray seals.
  • Excellent value for money and quality.


This company is equipped with modern equipment, using high-quality materials and the staff consists of qualified personnel. Due to this it produces a whole range of profiles, accessories and gaskets.

  • Constructions window profiles presented a width of 60 to 82 mm, the number of cameras - from 3 to 8.
  • Windows SCHUKO easy to use and have good anti-burglar properties.


In Russia there are 4 sections of the production factory.

  • Russian-Austrian company is equipped with production facilities, which are being developed and implemented the latest technology.

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  • Range Blanc contains 6 types of profiles, where installation width is between 58 mm to 120 mm, the chambers - from 3 to 6.
  • Durability profile system (60) is achieved by using a specially designed performance for the harsh climate.


  • The plant, located in Podolsk, publishes a profile on the German equipment of Austrian technologies.
  • These products are manufactured in width, which may be from 58 mm to 127 mm, the chambers - from 3 to 6.
  • Original recipe allows to produce high-profile, characterized in toughness and special whiteness.

Also compare the characteristics of plastic window profiles can be shown by below tables.

The profiles of the German company KBE

It is believed that the German plastic window profiles surpass products from other manufacturers and quality, and white colors, and specifications. They do not lose their properties, even over a long service life, excellent withstand almost any dynamic load and substantial changes in temperature (from -50 ° C to + 50 ° C).

KBE company manufactures and supplies 2 types of the most popular profiles: KBE KBE Etalon and expert.

KBE Etalon - chamber profile

  • Mounting width is 58 mm;
  • the width of the face walls - 3 mm;
  • glass thickness may be up to 34 mm;
  • Camera 3 in a frame, sash mullion (horizontal and vertical crossbar window);
  • can be used in severe conditions (-60 ° C);
  • sealing loops correspond to class A;
  • service life - 40 years;
  • used in the manufacture of environmentally friendly materials that do not contain lead.


  • profile with a width of 58 mm, it has three air chambers, their size and the optimal position provide resistance to heat transfer. These windows have a high degree of integrity, which is superior to the existing requirements of the guests is 5 times to guarantee the complete absence of dust and drafts in the room (!);
  • two hermetic seals provide excellent sound insulation (up to 46 dB). Profile is additionally equipped with horizontal ridges, thus enhanced the castle fortress when the window is closed;
  • profile KBE installed ribs which provide additional strength to the window structure. Also increase the rigidity allow special grips, which is achieved through the precise location of the reinforcing metal insert.

KBE expert - five-chamber profile

  • Mounting width equal to 70 mm;
  • the width of the face walls - 3 mm;
  • the thickness of the glass is up to 42 mm;
  • 5 cameras in the frame and sash, 3 or 4 in the mullion (horizontal and vertical crossbar window);
  • Suitable for use in severe conditions (-60 ° C);
  • sealing loops correspond to class A;
  • service life - 40 years;
  • used in the manufacture of environmentally friendly materials that do not contain lead.


  • pyatikamernyh structure allows for better thermal insulation value, such a profile capable of retaining heat for 20% more than the typical three-compartment system. To achieve superior sound insulation can be installed in wide glazing profile 70 mm;
  • 13 mm profile slot allows you to install anti-burglary accessories, thereby ensuring the safety of the premises;
  • profile KBE expert has additional horizontal jumper by which handles and hinges will be secured;
  • Installation assembly seam turns wider by about 20%, in turn allowing to carry out an additional warming.

The estimated cost of windows from KBE profile

An important factor when choosing a glazing unit, its price. Often, it is crucial, but the German high-quality window profiles can not be cheap. Below is the approximate market value of Russia.

  • On average, one-two-leaf window with dimensions 140h130 cm, which is one type of wing blind, and the other - Swing-out will cost:
    • profile 58 mm from 7500 rubles.
    • 70 mm - 10 000 rubles.

  • The price of the two-chamber tricuspid window size 140h203 cm, in which the first rotary wing, center - such as the deaf, the third - Swing-out will be from:
    • 58 mm profile 13000 rubles;
    • 70 mm 14500 rubles. and higher.

  • When buying a balcony unit to 210h67 see the size to open the door and window blind - 140h136 cm will have to pay not less than:
    • profile 58 mm 11000 rubles;
    • 70 mm from 13000rub.

What to look for when choosing a plastic profile with glass

In order to determine what the required thickness profile should have a basic knowledge of the pane and, in fact up to 70% of heat loss occurs through it.

This transparent member is composed of two or more panes which are sealingly connected to the frame. Between them a chamber (air gap) filled with air or the discharged inert gas such as argon or krypton. This kind of content is used in the production of energy-saving double-glazed windows.

Double glass pane - a structure made of glass 2 to 4 mm and the air gap 16 mm, is denoted in abbreviated form - 4-16-4. Thus, its installation width is 24 mm. Structure equal 36 mm glass is obtained from the two-compartment, which consists of 3 to 4 mm glasses and 2 layers of 10 mm - 4-10-4-10-4.

Consequently, under the desired glazed selected corresponding profile. For example, the optimal solution for ordinary apartments or houses will 5-chamber profile with a circuit width of 70 mm and 30 mm double-glass, where one glass heat reflecting coating must be deposited.

If the windows are located on the north side and lies close loaded road vehicles, whereas in this case will approach the following embodiment: 5-chamber profile with a depth of 86 mm, complete with 32 mm glass-noise-isolating protective film.

When the balcony (loggia) is combined with an adjacent room or planned thereof make a small room (rest room), then the profile must be-chamber 5 from an installation depth of 86 mm, and glazed - energy saving, dual-chamber width not less than 40 mm.

For a simple balcony suitable insulation 60 mm 3-chamber profile and 30mm double glass pane.

It is not enough simply to select the optimal PVC profile and glazing. It is equally important to entrust the installation of the finished window professionals. Otherwise, no matter how expensive or has design, poor-quality installation will invalidate all of its high performance.

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