Living in brown tones: photo options, practical advice

Living in brown tones - a classic which is suitable for most interior stylistics. The demand for such a design due to its restrained nobility and harmony of natural wood with all shades of brown and beige. But Brown has one drawback - it can burden the environment with unbalanced proportions of dark brown. On the other hand, the peace and quiet, which gives natural terracotta, can not provide nor any other color.

Table of contents:

  1. Features of perception of brown color in the interior
  2. Basic brown shades used in interiors
  3. Special design secrets

Features of perception of brown color in the interior

Brown has many shades - brownish-beige to dark chocolate color, but most of them perceived very positively. Psychologists describe him as one of the most positive perception of colors. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the neutral color spectral born at the confluence of orange and green. These colors are some of the best of his companions. living room design in brown tones instills confidence in the future and sanity, especially with milk-white background and beige additions.

This color is associated not only with hints of earth, but also with nice treats:

  • tea;
  • coffee;
  • chocolate;
  • caramel.

It is for this reason that designers recommend brown shades for a living room with dining area, for example:

Psychologist Tip: Men often like this color in the interior, especially the calm muted shades of brown. So when the couple can not find a compromise in the choice of colors for the interior of the living room - give in and offer neutral for both brown combined with beige. And in the personal space you can give free rein to their desires. It is able to minimize conflicts in the family and to the stability and comfort. A great example of the atmosphere of pacification in the room - living room in brown tones.

Experts characterize Brown as having great vitality that has lost the active principle. It is felt in wood shades, for good reason in the urban environment, many are trying to surround yourself with natural wood objects. In the interior of the living room is very noble brown wood is perceived in the form of:

  • parquet or laminate;
  • doors and skirting boards;
  • decorative panels and others.

Those who choose to design the living room in brown tones with natural wood trim, subconsciously seek a comfortable rest and emotional peace. In addition, the brown color in the living room of the person chosen conservative frame of mind, thoughtful and sensible, who value financial security. This color relieves anxiety and feelings of uncertainty about the future, and therefore, in times of crisis, interior designers are getting more orders for authoring in this color.

Coffee and chocolate brown tones soothe and antidepressants perform functions that support the mind in operation during chronic stress and nervous exhaustion. This probably explains the subconscious choice of brown leather sofas in a classic interior design.

Living in brown tones - choice of balanced people, who tend to make sound pragmatic decisions objectively evaluate the positions of the conflicting sides. However, these people are a bit closed, avoid contact with people, to impose the subject. Of force - in logic and consistency to the target. Probably excessive prudence and intelligence of these individuals often reject eclecticism and asymmetry in the living environment.

Normally elected brown interior personality puts emphasis on family values ​​and wealth. Brown floor in the living room - it's a subconscious choice of stability and support age-old traditions. The choice of light shades of brown or wood panels shows the physical and emotional exhaustion, fatigue life. Noticed that the interior of the living room in brown tones chosen by people who care about their bad health, preferring solitude, as a panacea for the stresses and ailments.

Basic brown shades used in interiors

Color - an important component in our living environment, and people tend to reject one and prefer other shades. This is partly visual, partly subconscious choice, because of the saturation of color and its proportionate ratio in the general scheme depends on the atmosphere in the house, and self-awareness. Emotional background depends on a skilful combination of:

  • bright and soothing colors;
  • selecting basic background and additions;
  • combination of striking elements and a common palette;
  • practical application properties push color space or narrow.

For example, some visual color blur cold pushing space - or pale bluish-green. A warm and rich shades visually bring the walls and ceiling.

Recommended palette in the interior of various facilities:

1. In the adjacent living room hallway appropriate beige and brown tones, in harmony with woody undertones. Mirrors, lights and curves of a few bright accents create a sense of comfort with the first steps.

2. In the living room, study room combines functions very appropriate typically English classic interior, where the preference for a skilful combination of green and brown, especially if it is leather upholstered furniture. It looks very noble, and a similar range is recommended in the billiard room.

3. If the room combines a dining function, then there is very advantageous looks caramel-chocolate palette. As a complement and furniture prefer upholstered furniture cream-colored and natural wood products. Will serve as an excellent complement bright cheerful accents - orange, yellow, lemon.

4. Classical Living overcame very elegant, if there combining 3 colors - white, beige and brown. Excellent addition to upholstered furniture with elegant upholstery with printed pattern peach or apricot hue. Of the darker color is better to choose cherry or emerald upholstery.

5. When zoning spacious apartment in Meta, performs the function of the bedroom, germane calm turquoise or red accents, which, combined with the brown will add elegance.

6. In the kitchen area is to add a few "appetizing" yellow and chocolate accents and beautiful painted pottery and spectacular lights that visibly ennoble this part of the living space in a brown interior.

Making a living design in shades of brown, keep in mind that this color replaces black where there is a bet on the contrast. For example, instead of black and white graphic patterns much better looking chocolate and cream colors.

Game brown shades in the living room - a wide field of activity for those who have good taste and an intuitive flair combined colors. For the living room using a palette often:

  • beige;
  • cream;
  • wheat;
  • golden brown;
  • light brown;
  • yellow-brown;
  • gray-brown;
  • pinkish-brown;
  • red brown (terracotta);
  • Brandy;
  • chestnut;
  • caramel;
  • coffee with milk;
  • shades of light wood;
  • shades of dark wood;
  • color wenge wood;
  • the color of milk chocolate;
  • the color of dark chocolate;
  • black and brown.

Several shades of brown are not always appropriate in the living room, for example, the color of rust. It must skillfully combine with other colors companion. But furniture upholstered in velor "rusty" color looks good on a light background of the walls.

The uniqueness of the brown color in the fact that there is a light brown silt dark brown, but there is no bright-brown or pale brown. However, the same tone is different saturation, ie, thick or blurred caramel.

Note: Each of these shades of brown have their companions with which the room will look more interesting. Therefore we can not give a definite answer - that and what goes. But it is important not to overload this color setting, observing a reasonable balance. It is best to rely not only on their intuition, but also on the completed sample design living room in brown tones.

Special design secrets

Well-chosen shades of brown and their balance in the living room creates a special aura - it seems that in the atmosphere hovers aroma of coffee with cream, chocolates and biscuits with vanilla and cinnamon.

Tip: By the time the guests living room can be updated pertain special flavor or odor freshener with confectionery. A fresh brewed coffee will complement the incredible feeling of your interior.

In any interior sets the overall mood is not so much the color, as the combination of colors, their proportionality and reasonable balance. White has 2 basic shades:

  • milk (yellowish), and it is different saturation, ie cream and boiled milk - it's derivatives, which combine well with brown;
  • snow white (bluish), cold, crystalline, and it does not have the degree of whiteness, the color is less suitable as a companion brown.

This does not apply to the shade of the ceiling, there can be varied. But if a lot of brown in the interior, you should not do glossy ceilings. Dark mass will be reflected in them almost as in a mirror, and it will weight the living room visually. Better to do a matte white surface. Also, experts do not recommend living in a brown mirrored ceilings, for the same reason.

Not advised to use and stained-glass windows that take part of the world. A white plastic window is better to replace the laminated brown frames, and it looks especially beautiful in a duet with doors the same color.

Incidentally, red and brown and grayish-brown color well with any one white. The perfect duo white crystal can only be noble pinkish-brown shade. It is generally preferred in the interiors of the recreation area or bedroom. The brown color of the living room also looks amazing, especially as upholstery or multilayer curtain.

Brown color as it approaches objects and separate the plane, so do not use it on the walls of a small-sized or narrow living room.

Perfect choice - brown in the living room flooring, especially if it is a beautiful mosaic parquet, where advantageous to combine different wood shades. If you make light walls - beige, cream, peach or apricot, the other furnishings can duplicate the shades of the parquet laying. If you want to create a luxury living room interior in brown tones, it is better to give preference to the floor mirror, velvet upholstery and satin golden curtains.

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Fixtures better to choose gold than chrome. But very elegant in a living room will look like lighting, antique bronze or copper hue.

As for living in a brown interior additions, any living plants and aquariums are very organic look in a living room.

The classic design of brown living room - a light background, beige, cream, peach or white. Gender - expensive flooring made of natural wood or imitation. Upholstered furniture - single-colored or multi-colored, but without variegation. For example, you can choose a noble upholstery:

  • tapestry;
  • jacquard;
  • velours;
  • chenille and so on.

The modern design of brown living room - the original choice of color, maybe even brown shades. Against this background, it will look great monochrome light upholstered furniture, for example, in the skin of milk or light beige shades.

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