Installation of the gas column with his hands

How much is the installation of a gas column? Removal and replacement of the gas column in the hands of experts will cost an average of 3,000 to 4,500 rubles. It is in Moscow, in the regions will be cheaper. The amount is not astronomical, but, nevertheless, still it is a pity to give it for the work that you can easily do yourself. And all would do, but in this matter there are so many nuances, if ignored, could severely hit the user's pocket.

What is the nuance? What are the general rules and regulations govern these types of jobs? And to know the basic provisions you just have to, because it is not water, with which you can experiment. Gas gas, negligence and carelessness in regard to it ends quite badly. In this article, we will consider the order of works to replace and install a gas water heater. Consider the steps, as well as what you can do yourself, but it is better still to leave the representative of the gas industry.

  • Tools and materials
  • Installation and testing of the new unit

The rules and requirements governing the installation of the gas column

Note! Outset that all kinds of work related to gas supply, ie gas inlet tube, installation tees, stopcocks on the gas pipe, etc. carried out only by organizations that have the appropriate special license. Ignoring this situation in the best case will lead to substantial fines and severe headache.

All work on the installation of the gas column can be divided into two categories:

  • installation with "zero", ie it was not, but you have decided to put;
  • replacing the old column to the new.

In the former case requires design and supply of the gas pipe to the location of the future cylinder. All these works are the lot of gas facilities in your area or company that has a license for the respective activity. Without it you can not. Do not attempt in this case to do - either alone. It is not wise, because themselves run the risk of life and property, and when a gas column in the apartment, and others at risk. And with the state in such games to play not with your hands, not the same weight category. Therefore let these people work authorized by law for this type of activity.

If the project is ready, all the while consistently performing part of the work properly, you can save a considerable amount. Any work that decide to implement their own, should be carried out precisely according to the requirements of an approved project, if that does not make - gas supply does not take into operation the gas water heater.

Note. All installation gas units will be made only when the project will get all the necessary permits and approvals.

All regulations setting water heater regulated by the following acts:

- SP 42-101-2003 "General provisions for the design and construction of the gas distribution systems of metal and plastic pipes"

- SNIP 42-01-2002 distribution systems

Whatever tire the reader with many clever by words, we present the basic rules of installation of gas columns that apply to the intended place of installation:

  1. The room in which the heater is set to be not less than a volume of 7.5 m3.
  2. The room should be ventilated (ventilator, window, etc.).
  3. The ceiling height in such a room should be at least 2m.
  4. The room must have a chimney, a minimum diameter of 120mm (the "Duszniki" in the flats to those not related).
  5. The pressure in the water should be at least 0.1 atmospheres.
  6. Do not install the geysers in the bathrooms.
  7. The column is mounted on a wall of non-flammable materials is forbidden installation over a gas cooker and a distance closer than 10 cm thereto.

Thus those speakers that are installed in lavatories, in accordance with the technical rules in force at the time of installation, it is allowed to operate in the future. That is, the law clearly does not prohibit its further use. And this means that the replacement of a new one does not prohibit. And it does not require a transfer at the expense of the user.

If all of these requirements to the water heater installation feasible, then you can order the project. The exact place of installation and other data will be displayed in the project.

Removing the old column

Since the basic requirements and standards in general considered if everything fits - you are ready to replace the water heater. And one should start with the dismantling. This can be done with your hands at the same time saving of 300 to 800 rubles.

Starting with gas access to the column of overlap, closing valve on the end of the gas pipe. By means of a wrench or carob appropriate size unscrew a locking nut of the hose (rare, but occurs gassing method using a metal pipe). Unscrewing the hose damaged gas pipe is quite difficult, but with the "ancient" method of connection, ie, a segment of metal pipe, it is realistic. Especially if the connection point for years to paint over paint. In this case, do not use excessive force to remove the paint, use a modern solvent specifically for this work. Spinning, hold the second gas pipe wrench, so less likely to be damaged.

Once disconnected from the gas pipe to be removed hose (tube) from the injection point to the column. If the hose is not so long ago and changed his condition is satisfactory, it can be re-used when connecting a new speaker. If there are suspicions about the reliability of the hose - buy a new one. When buying take sertefitsirovany and proven hose, it is still buying cheap gas and the hose is not well-known manufacturer is not appropriate.

The next action to dismantle - off the water supply system. If the air valves are provided to disable the column, obstruct them. If this is not possible, shut off the apartment. In the case of the latter option, a new column before installing the faucet purchase two entry and exit from the water column and set on the pipe at the point where it will be used for connection. In the future this will facilitate its maintenance.

Once disconnected from the column remove water connecting pipe from the column outlet and take out it from the chimney. The column is disabled, it can now be removed from the wall mounting. Installation location is free, you can install the new unit.

Installation and commissioning of gas water heater

When the initial installation and connection check, with the act of registration of the gas water heater is better to entrust gasman. If you have an old column - can be done all the work himself. But there are two nuances, when in doubt about their abilities to properly install the gas column - trust experts, the purse will be somewhat thinner - but the nervous system remains untouched and, ultimately, the benefits will be for you.

If decided to do everything yourself, you will succeed, the main thing to do everything slowly and steadily. But even if no representative of gas supply can not do, he has to register the column. The best option is probably a situation where all the work on the connection you make yourself, except for work related to gas. In this case, save a considerable amount, and your gas problems should arise, because connection to the gas pipeline will carry out their representative. This option and consider.

Tools and materials

Before starting work, you must purchase and have the following materials:

  • Galvanized pipe corrugation or not thinner than 1 mm. When it comes to the column - is remarkable. If not, remeasure outlet diameter column boiler or check instruction and acquire corresponding pipe.
  • Obtain ring - socket arrangement for entry into the chimney, as to the size of the corrugations.
  • If you plan to install the gas column in the house, and must chimney equipment need asbestos or metal pipe with a diameter of at least 120 mm longer possible. Length of not less than 2 meters, can be more - it will be better traction.

  • Hose gas sample, hose size will depend on your environment, i.e. the distance from the end of the gas pipe prior to entering the column. Note the thread of the input into the column, the hose must approach must match the threads on the type of the external / internal diameter and ½ »or ¾.» The diameter of the locking nut on the hose ½ »and if the input to the column ¾» need coupler (coupling).

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  • Connection of water supply is best to prepare in advance, so you will need only two connecting hoses, the desired length. You can make connections using plastic pipes as you will be more convenient. In the latter case, determine whether the coupling needs to match the pipe sizes and locations of connections and threads (internal / external).
  • Dowels for attaching speakers to the wall.
  • If the home is not set pre-filter, we recommend to install. The water quality will depend directly on the life of the new unit.

Tools you'll need:

  • Depending on the complexity of the work and material - with a set of hammer drills and chisels, a drill with a drill on a ceramic tile.
  • Wrench (2 pcs.).
  • Wrench 27/30 and 32/36.
  • Tow and sealant type "Unipack".

Installation and testing of the new unit

As used herein, it is meant that the supply of water and the presence of the chimney has already been implemented. In place of installation of the gas column tick attachment points for installation. You need to calculate the height of the speaker placement in such a way that the connecting pipe (flute) had a vertical length from the exit of the column to the wall outlet at least 50 cm, if the room height exceeds 2.7 m - 25 cm At the same time, the mounting height of the gas column is not. It should give children free access to the device. Just remeasure the distance between the holes for fixing to the column housing. After the calculated mounting location dowels using a drill or punch depends on your conditions, make the holes and set the hooks. The column can be hung on the wall.

Now by means of connecting hoses or PVC pipes connect electricity output with the input of the column. Using the hose is convenient because in the joints do not require a tow or tape FUM. Sequentially connect the cold water tap, gas entering the column, is indicated in blue. In the same way we connect the output hot water with a crane (indicated in red). Opening the tap hot and cold water and to witness - whether all we hermetically. If you do find a leak, carefully booster hose retaining nuts. Without further readiness of mind, since it is possible to crush the rubber gasket - a sealant. Connecting via pipes must be untwist in field leakage and twist tow with said seal or tape FUM.

Once we achieve tightness water supply can go two ways: either call gasman, or installing a gas column with his hands in full. You decide.

If the second option, then take the gas hose and screwed to the gas tap. After that, connect the other end of the hose with the commissioning of the column. Hold effortlessly whatever crush asbestos fabric gaskets. Take the soap solution, smear "from the heart" joints around the perimeter of the open gas valve and carefully observe whether the bubbles. If there is a - a little booster nut, and then smear. So until then, until we achieve a complete seal.

So, we have a tight connection of plumbing and gas. The next step is to install the sleeve. Here, everything is much easier, on the one hand to the output column dress, on the other inserted into the outlet of the chimney.

Inserting batteries into the column, opening the hot water valve and adjust the water temperature according to the operation instruction column. We use.

And the last. Usually in large stores organized and service connections. Take an interest in buying, how much it will cost to connect them to a specialist. It will be cheaper, or even free, while issues with a guarantee on the column does not arise. And the registration in the gas sector will be held without unnecessary friction.

If this is not available, still recommend to connect the gas hose to entrust gasman (the cost of installation of the gas column in such a connection is many times less than the complete dismantling and installation), and he was pleased (coin earn) and your no claims. Plus warranty intact. But to decide, of course, you.

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