Horizontal bar – bars with his hands

Healthy lifestyle is now at the peak of popularity. Many are trying to keep themselves in good physical shape, but not all of this enough willpower and patience. Some unsuitable training schedule, and someone just too lazy to go to the gym. An alternative solution - to engage in home fitness equipment, which is quite possible to build your own.

  1. Sports Corner: arguments "for"
  2. Variety of horizontal bars: features different designs
  3. Standard dimensions and general requirements for sports equipment
  4. Making horizontal bar and the boards with his hands in the yard
    • The choice of location for placement of the sports corner
    • Outside the horizontal bar, parallel bars with your hands: Drawings
    • preparation of materials
    • The algorithm is simple manufacture and installation of a horizontal bar
  5. Installation of wall horizontal bar 3 in 1 for home
  6. Self-production of the Swedish wall of wood

Sports Corner: arguments "for"

As you know, sports are beneficial to the human body: it strengthens the nervous system and blood vessels, the body becomes taut and muscle relief. However, the opportunity to regularly visit a gym or buy a "wall bars" is not always the case. Alternative - installing a home-made horizontal bar in the apartment or the production of street sports equipment, which can be placed around the house or at their summer cottage.

Before you build a horizontal bar must be taken into account functional aspects assigned to different sports facilities. These parameters are largely determined by the type of construction, size of a horizontal bar and a selection of materials of manufacture.

Operating simulator (rods, beams, walls) has a practical advantage:

  1. Regular hovering on the bar improves the elasticity of the tissues and promotes the "stretching" of the spine. Some claim that these exercises will increase the growth of adolescents.
  2. Classes on the bar recommended for people displaced by the nature of the bulk of the profession carried out in a sitting position. Workout relax the muscle groups.
  3. The pupils and students will be able to correct your posture, deformed due to lengthy lectures and lessons.
  4. on the horizontal bar exercises strengthen the tissues and tendons in the hands.
  5. Properly selected training facility will help as soon as possible to increase the muscles of the forearms, hands, and the width of the back.

So, if you decided to build a horizontal bar, the first step is to choose the type of sports equipment.

Variety of horizontal bars: features different designs

Depending on the horizontal bars of the training locations are divided into streets and homes.

Outdoor fitness equipment can be divided into several types:

  1. Normal horizontal bar - the most primitive construction, easy to manufacture and install. The lack of facilities - the ability to perform a limited number of exercises (pull-up, a revolution).
  2. Double-triple horizontal bar street - a version of the first embodiment. Due to the different heights rungs location for sports activities, for both adults and children.
  3. The simulator for the press. This shell is usually placed together with a conventional bar for pulling.
  4. Swedish wall outdoor settling wide horizontal bar, and stationary beams for the press.
  5. Sports complex - a set of different simulator projectiles (horizontal bars, boards, wall bars). Hands to make a place for lessons it is possible by doing the correct calculations. From the artist required skills to work on metal and welding.

mostly for home workouts set:

Wall horizontal bar, which is hung on the free solid wall. Fixation of sports equipment by anchor bolts. Advantages of the design:

  • small dimensions - horizontal bar occupies a small part of the wall and can fit even in a small room;
  • location at any convenient height;
  • fastening system reliability.

The disadvantages of the wall horizontal bar include:

  • inability to perform flips and tricks;
  • Some weight limits.

Horizontal bar in the doorway. In fact, this is a common hose located between two walls or in a doorway. The design has its advantages:

  • easy installation;
  • It does not take place in the living room;
  • safety and gruzoustoychivost;
  • the bar can be used for hanging the gymnastic rings, baby swing, punching bag, a rope ladder or rope.

Cons compact horizontal bar:

  • the height of the placement depends on a doorway;
  • corridor walls can restrict movement during exercise.

Floor horizontal bar allows you to perform a set of exercises. But these shells are not intended for installation in a residential area. For normal stability requires reliable fixation to the floor, floor loading - no less than 400 kg / sq.m. Whereas the rate for residential buildings - 250 kg / sq.m. In addition, outdoor horizontal bar, parallel bars arms manufacture difficult.

The only option for installing a simulator at home - make it detachable. The upper part of the bar lock with the wall and the bottom (abutment and bars), - the upper CAP hooks or bolts. In this case, the load on the flooring will be reduced and will not exceed 250 kg / sq.m.

Standard dimensions and general requirements for sports equipment

Typical dimensions of the majority of models of sports equipment for a long time are calculated according to the average physical attributes of man. By implementing your own project, you can move some of the regulations and make the horizontal bar under its own weight and height.

The most common parameters gymnastic trainers:

  • width bars - 55 cm;
  • width of the bar - 110 cm;
  • diameter handles with and without plates - 35 mm / 27 mm;
  • load on the structure - no more than 250 kg.

When designing and building the horizontal bar (bars, press) with their own hands following nuances should be considered:

  • welds are reliable enough and not bumped subject to operating loads;
  • during exercise training focus in the corners of sports equipment;
  • square tube more rigid, however, if it exceeded the tensile strength abruptly collapses, whereas round - bends smoothly;
  • bearing structural elements must be made of metal, for several reasons unsuitable tree.

Making horizontal bar and the boards with his hands in the yard

The choice of location for placement of the sports corner

Area horizontal bar is primarily dependent on the size and area of ​​the simulator portion itself. As a rule, the horizontal bar area is selected by a residual principle. At first allocated area near the house under the front garden, a garden, a gazebo, and then the owners are starting to think about the placement of the sport trainers.

Exercise equipment may not be placed on the following areas:

  1. Lowland. Rainwater and melted snow should not be detained at the site. Well, if the land dries quickly.
  2. Slopes. Reliable installation involves attachment of horizontal bars and simulators on a flat horizontal surface.
  3. Near water. This recommendation is dictated by the security measures for children.
  4. Areas with a high level of groundwater. After the spring flood sports equipment may sag or warp.

Council. Sports fields for children is better to build closer to home, that kids are supervised by their parents.

As to the question of illumination, most experts recommend to place the site so that one-third of the sports complex was in the light, and the rest - in the shade.

Outside the horizontal bar, parallel bars with your hands: Drawings

Plans for the creation of sports equipment is easy to develop on their own, and you can spy on the Internet. Ready-made solutions to many - from the simple to the complex beams complexes.

Outside the horizontal bar, parallel bars arms: drawings of sports facilities of varying complexity

Sports complex, consisting of the following elements:

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  • Swedish wall;
  • horizontal bar;
  • bars;
  • swings for children;
  • mounting location for pears / rope;
  • support for push-ups.

Feature set allows you to perform a lot of physical exercise on the development of the hands, back, swing the press and coups.

Option of manufacturing a simple horizontal bar, parallel bars with your hands (the dimensions indicated in the diagram).

In this article we consider in detail the procedure for creating a common metal horizontal bar.

preparation of materials

For the work necessary to prepare the following materials:

  • two pipes 120 mm in diameter and 3 m in height;
  • one tube for the crossbar - diameter 37-30 mm, length - 3 m;
  • concrete mortar.

Council. It is better to choose a thick-walled material of the tube - this provides additional strength to the entire structure.

Required tools:

  • welding machine;
  • bender;
  • shovel;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Hand drill;
  • level or plummet;
  • roulette;
  • container for mixing concrete.

The algorithm is simple manufacture and installation of a horizontal bar

The procedure for self-production of the simulator horizontal bar-bars arms:

  1. Determine the distance between the pillars of a horizontal bar - the width of the crossbar.
  2. Mark the pipe instillation deep into the ground. It is recommended to adhere the ratio 4: 1. That is, if the height of the support column 2 is m-meter, instillation depth should be at least 50 cm.
  3. Pipe to bend the beam in two places. The distance between the points of the bend determines the width of the crossbar. Two vertically bent portion of the tube will enter into the supporting columns.
  4. If there is no possibility to bend, then to the ends of the bar have to weld the two perpendicular segments of length of 30-50 cm.
  5. The resulting bar fixed inside the main pipe.

The sequence of street horizontal bar installation:

  1. A shovel or hand drill dig holes for mounting the supporting pillars. Check the verticality and depth of the pits.
  2. Kneaded solution of cement and sand adhering ratio of 1: 1. Add water gradually, stirring thoroughly until smooth.
  3. Set pipe align their level and to fill concrete mortar.
  4. Leave the concrete to two days to dry completely.
  5. Bar put in place. The crosspiece is desirable to further secure wooden pegs or weld.

Council. An alternative method of concrete - using a mixture of broken bricks and earth. Filling the hole and sealing is achieved in stages, so that the material could maximize tight "settle."

Production and installation of wall-mounted horizontal bar 3 in 1 for home

Simulator 3 in 1 combines the beams, the focus for the press and the horizontal bar. Model versatile and compact - you can place your sports equipment on any empty area of ​​the wall.

Horizontal bar for home with their own hands (figures below) is made up of different elements. The figure weld marked in red.

List of required materials:

1 - 750 mm long tube with a diameter of 30 mm;

2 - the tube lengths of 30 mm diameter, 150 mm length, 6 pcs .;

3 - metal profile 700 mm, 30 * 30 mm;

4 - tube length 200 mm, diameter 30 mm, 2 pcs .;

5 - Metal profile length 550 mm, 30 * 30 mm, 2 pcs .;

6 - Profile of 400 mm, 30 * 30 mm, 2 pcs .;

7 - Profile of 650 mm, 30 * 30 mm, 2 pcs .;

8 - one profile length 550 mm, 30 * 30 mm;

9 - metal sheet 140 * 120 mm, thickness - 5 mm;

10 - two metal sheet 300 * 70 mm, thickness - 5 mm.

Additional materials:

  • foam;
  • plywood;
  • leatherette;
  • paint;
  • "Moment" glue.

The sequence of execution of works:

  1. Choose a place for the installation of wall-mounted simulator.
  2. According to Scheme weld structure together. Handles for a wide grip (elements №4) welded at an angle of 20 °.
  3. Cut blank of plywood. One sheet of size 300 * 70 mm, the second - 140 * 120 mm.
  4. Place the foam on the plywood, trim off the excess. Obtyanut kozhzamom top and secured to the underside of glue or staples.
  5. Under the pillow in the arms of a horizontal bar drilling holes.
  6. Paint simulator and leave to dry.
  7. Put under the pillow sheet metal and fix them on the bar.
  8. Build secure attachment. Of the metal bracket hooks to prepare and attach them to the wall plugs 7 cm long.

Council. To enhance the design and redistribution of loads during training under the horizontal bar is recommended to make a metal frame with two hooks. Frame mounted on the wall anchors 6-8.

Self-production of the Swedish wall of wood

Swedish wall is a removable horizontal bar and the ladder-bars. Sports stairs will be made of wood, but to create the bar have to use metal.

Important! The wall must not touch the floor, to be able to lay carpet. And on top of the ladder should not reach the ceiling.

Materials for stationary wooden stairs:

  • board with the following parameters: thickness - 2 cm, length - 4 m width - 10 cm;
  • cuttings for shovel 120 cm, diameter of about 3 cm, the amount depends on the height of the wall;
  • set of tools;
  • liquid nails / adhesive for wood;
  • screws.

Stepwise progress of the work:

  1. Board divided into two equal parts. The ends of the boards of the jigsaw to round and saw off the excess.
  2. Sanded boards a plane, handle the sander or sandpaper.
  3. Outline on the boards of the distance between the rungs - 30 cm.
  4. With fine drill holes under the schedule place.
  5. Determine length bars (60-80 cm) and prepare the respective lengths of cloth of the cuttings. If necessary, sanding parts of a horizontal bar.
  6. Bars and crossbars cover stained, painted or varnished. Leave to dry completely.
  7. Proceed to the assembly structure:
    • in the support bars on the applied markup make non-through hole;
    • the ends of the beams coated with adhesive and inserted into the rack;
    • to use additional fixing screws, connecting step and the rack.
  8. Attach the ladder to the wall:
    • at the correct height to note places of the holes;
    • pick dowels and attach the structure to the wall with brackets.

Removable crossbar is made of metal, by analogy with the simulator 3 in 1 described above.

Collapsible bars with their own hands: video

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