How to plant grapes: step by step guide

Scheduling planting grapes on the site, it is necessary to take into account a number of features of this process. After all, in order to gather the first harvest in a few years, it is necessary not only to choose a variety that is ideal for the terrain, but also to exercise due care, taking into account all its features.


  1. Where is best to plant grapes?
  2. The best time for planting grapes
  3. How to plant grapes at home
    • Preparing seedlings for planting
    • The landing of grapes in black soil and clay
    • Planting in sandy soil
    • Planting vegetative seedlings
    • To plant grapes in the spring
    • How to plant grapes in autumn
  4. General rules for planting grapes
  5. How to plant grapes. common errors

Where is best to plant grapes?

Choosing the most suitable places for planting grapes should focus not only on the aesthetic appearance of the garden, but also the needs of the plant for its development of the most comfortable, and most importantly - productivity. So before you buy seedlings for the future of the vineyard should learn about it a few facts.

  • Grapes - a perennial plant, so you need a very responsible, and most importantly in advance, select landing spot for him. It is important to take into account the biological characteristics of selected varieties, to further maximize productivity.
  • Another fact to know about grapes - is the rejection of shady places. In view of this it is necessary to choose the south or the west side portion, as well as avoid the landing next to tall trees.
  • Virtually all heat-loving grape varieties and changes in temperature can not tolerate the winter season. It is therefore necessary as carefully as possible to choose the area a place where it is protected from strong winds and low temperatures. The most appropriate in this case, for the plant will be posting some of the walls of the main building or household buildings. The thing is that during the day the wall in a certain extent, warmed by the sun, allowing them to give excess heat vine at night. In addition, such an arrangement greatly accelerates the timing of berries ripening. If there is a question, which is better to plant vines, the choice should be given regionalized seedlings.

  • With regard to the need for a certain type of soil, in this respect, quite unpretentious grapes. Yet there is a certain nuance - yield different seedlings, planted it in the fertile but stony soil type. Drainage quality soil prevent such stagnation of moisture, which promotes supersaturation of soil and lime salts. All this can have a negative effect on the grapes.

The best time for planting grapes

  • Autumn and spring season tantamount suitable for planting of young vine seedlings in the ground. Since the end of April until mid-May produced planting seedlings of annuals, woody trunk with already. But with the end of May and throughout June can be planted green vegetative vine.

  • As for the autumn planting of seedlings, it is usually performed between October and before the first frost. The technique has virtually no differences from the spring season, except for the careful protection of young grapes from sudden changes in temperature. Typically, this grape coated peat, sawdust or needles.

How to plant grapes at home

Preparing seedlings for planting

Of course, for planting seedlings are suitable only healthy grapes. How can I check it? There are several factors that indicate quality.

  • Basal section of the young seedlings must necessarily be white. His brown hue indicates the unsuitability of escape.
  • The annual process should be ripe with bright green cut.
  • Suitable seedling distinguish dense buds that do not fall off when touched lightly.

These rules are suitable for planting grapes maiden, though he more unpretentious.

Before you plant the vine cuttings, it is necessary to carry out their preparations for landing:

  • bottom stalk is cut so as to leave the first 1 cm to kidney and about 2 cm above the top;

  • over the next 24 hours, the seedlings must soak in an aqueous solution with a tablespoon of honey to enhance further growth;
  • after the process of soaking the cuttings are carefully dried and paraffin. This will require liter capacity, which is mixed to 15 g of wax and resin, 300 grams of paraffin and water. The mixture must be heated, stirring carefully. Cuttings can paraffin alone or in several pieces, for that they are dipped in the upper part of the prepared mixture, and then into a container of cold water. During the procedure, is treated not more than 6 cm grape seedlings;
  • in addition to the regular trimming and processing, the young seedlings of grapes need and pre-hardening process, before actual planting in the ground. Otherwise they can get significant damage under direct sunlight;
  • within one week of vegetative seedlings are kept under a canopy or in the dense shade of the trees. Then about 10 days under natural sunlight. As for the seedlings that were grown in low light conditions and in violation of the temperature regime - for their acclimatization period will be extended by 1.5 times. Their appearance has a more elongated shoots and leaves are pale green;
  • Young seedlings of grapes that have not undergone proper hardening process and are planted in open ground in early spring, react to such conditions as the early onset of autumn. The result is to stop growth, and growth of the wood takes shape - in this way preparing the alleged seedling winter. It is not critical to the plant. Since closer to the middle of June, these seedlings resume active growth and development.

The landing of grapes in black soil and clay

The procedure for the landing of grapes in black earth and clay.

  • Under lignified seedling prepared recess 80 cm deep and 80 wide.
  • Bottom blanketed nutrient layer, thickness - 25 cm. Its composition includes 10 buckets humus mixed with fertile soil. After careful tamping this layer is coated fertilizers in the ratio: 300 grams of potash fertilizer such as superphosphate number 3 liter wood ash. This layer is also mixed with the soil and is lined in thickness - 10 cm 5 cm following lined with only ground.. Upon completion of all the manipulations should remain in recess 50 cm.

  • The next step will be to form a small mound in the center of the recess. In the middle is inserted and seedling roots are evenly distributed. Grape poured fertile soil (black soil or clay) to a gain level. Seedlings germinated cuttings from truncated vertically laid, but instances of longer than 25 cm should be planted at a slight inclination.
  • After seedling installed, and all of the previous layers were carefully rammed, soil watered two - three buckets of water. After partial drying, the top layer is slightly loosened to a depth of about 10 cm.
  • In the future, the grapes watered two times with an interval of two weeks. Then again loosened soil and mulch.

Tip: if you want to plant wild grapes (girl's), everything is much easier. Best of all, he survives the fall. It is enough to cut the vine any length without roots. Put it flat on the ground and prikopat fertile ground so that all processes (leaf) appeared on the surface. Subsequently from each such leaf begins to grow up self vine. In the autumn is enough rain, so watering is necessary to make only as needed.

Planting in sandy soil

What is the difference of planting vines in sandy soil, if we compare this process, such as clay or black earth?

  • The thing is that at low temperatures, sandy soil freezes faster and stronger, and in summer, respectively - too warming. Besides this kind of soil is practically retains moisture and nutrients, in contrast to the fertile land.
  • All these factors must be considered in the process of landing grapes. Thus, the recess under the seedling must reach a meter deep. And to maintain humidity and to prevent the loss of nutrients is placed at the bottom of the pit especially dense layer. It is formed from clay soil in height at least 20 cm top of it and backfilled fertilizer nutrient mixture (height - 25 cm)..
  • The most appropriate depth of the planting of seedlings in sandy soil - 60 cm. Care grapes will be regular watering, which will be required to produce with an interval of seven days, 4 full buckets of water.

Planting vegetative seedlings

  • The recess in the soil prepared in the same manner as in the seedling planting lignified. The difference lies in the depth of pits, it should be 25 cm on a clay and chernozem soil and about 20 cm of sand. All the layers carefully compacted and watered 2-4 buckets of water at weekly intervals.
  • Once the soil will shrink, you need to make a hole 55 cm on clay or black earth and 65 cm on the sandy. Seedling, the last heat treatment process, carefully extracted from the seed container, and together with the land is placed on the prepared planting depth. The intermediate distance is filled with fertile soil, watered and compacted with one bucket of water.

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  • Having finished landing near vegetative germ installed wood peg to further support the grape seedlings.

Important: do not pass acclimatization plants recommended necessarily obscure by means of the shield. For this will be sufficient to accommodate 10 days on the south side of the landing - branches of trees or plywood sheets.

  • In the first year seedlings should be left only one escape, gently remove the remaining grapes and tie to a peg.

To plant grapes in the spring

  • Spring planting grapes ensures that the beginning of the cold, he gets the necessary power and enough get enough nutrients. This ensures that the young seedling resistance to low temperatures.
  • Beneficial to the development of young seedlings preliminary soil preparation. Thus, if the pits under the vine to prepare in advance - to fall, then the spring will be ready ideal base for planting, rich natural fertilizer.
  • Many grape varieties capable of in the second year to bring a minor crop. But it is only in the case of spring planting. Fruiting autumn seedlings are usually delayed by one year.

  • For another positive moments can be attributed favorable temperature conditions of the spring season. After the fall of the first frost can damage not only the young shoot, but promorozit soil.

But among so many benefits, there are a number of nuances that should be taken into account when choosing the spring season for planting grapes:

  • lack of moisture. During this period, additional watering is required, which is provided in the fall naturally;
  • lack of soil nutrients. This is especially true in early spring, when they must be offset from the supplementary deck moss, sawdust and humus;
  • quality seedlings of grapes are offered for sale is in the fall, so it is likely the acquisition in the spring the frozen samples.

Still, spring is considered auspicious season for planting grape seedlings. There is only one question: whether at any time it is possible to conduct a landing in the ground? No, really planting period should be chosen, given the needs of seedlings and temperature.

  • The optimum temperature is above 15 ° C. Moreover, and soil temperature are important indicators, because they need to achieve at least a figure of 10 ° C. It was during this period is the best growing season sapling. By months this time interval will depend on the region. Since a recent freeze ends before the end of March, and in the other night temperature differences occur until the middle of April.
  • In addition it is important to take into account the temperature and type of seedlings: vegetative or stiff. The first option is presented for sale in small containers with soil. Such plants are characterized by having a young shoots with leaves. Favorable landing period: from mid-May to the end of June. But stiff seedling viability is particularly because it has executed a root structure and kidneys. Therefore, even at the early planting, for example, in mid-April, he was able to withstand the changing climatic conditions.

How to plant grapes in autumn

The planting grape seedlings in the autumn, too, have a lot of features. The following factors can be attributed to the benefits.

  • The humidity level at this time, the positive impact on the growth and formation of the young vine shoots. Additional watering is required only in the first few weeks after planting.
  • Autumn seedlings tend to earlier development and start fruiting.
  • But to the main disadvantage is the fact that the young seedlings do not just move the cold and gusty wind, even with proper shelter.

  • Choosing the period for planting grape seedlings in the ground, it is necessary to take into account not only the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, but especially selected varieties.

To plant grapes video

General rules for planting grapes

  • The most important for the development of the grape is well-chosen soil. Fertile ground: humus and light soils - this is exactly what is required seedlings.
  • In addition, it is necessary to take into account the location of the groundwater level. If they wobble reaches the borders of 1.5 meters deep, it is mandatory to equip the necessary drainage system.
  • Another important point is the fertilization mineral additives and timely watering.
  • Planting grape seedlings involves layout in which they receive the maximum amount of light and do not violate the reciprocal root growth.
  • Planting grape seedlings on a plot of indentation should be maintained from 2 to 2.5 meters.
  • With seedlings near buildings indentation should be at least 0.5 meters.
  • Distance from the dense and tall trees and bushes - 0.5-0.7 meters.

How to plant grapes. common errors

  • Planting seedlings with a weak root system - they can either not settle down at all, or delayed development. Additionally, such shoots are unlikely to give a good harvest.
  • Acquisition of unknown varieties of seedlings may result in the need to purchase new and stubbing. In seedlings, inappropriate climatic zone, the fruits do not have time to ripen in a season, so in the future also need to be replaced.
  • A common mistake is planting trees and grapes near the north side of buildings in the area. In this case, the plant spends all the forces of growth, harvest will be small and it will be located on the upper shoots.
  • Forming a shallow pit for planting, you need to know that this will limit the seedling in nutrients and affect its development.
  • Excessive deepening slow growth due to the effects of low temperatures in the deep layers of the soil.
  • But shallow penetration will affect the consumption of seedling of water, and make it impossible to process the vines shelter for the winter.
  • Thickening of grape planting will increase the number of fungal diseases, in addition seedlings will fight for water consumption and lighting.
  • Planting only female varieties without potential pollinating varieties can lead to crushing of the crop. It recommended by six "female" bushes planted one pollinated.

The landing of young seedlings of grapes - the process is fairly labor-intensive. Important is not only the choice of shoots that can withstand the climatic conditions and soil properties, but also good-quality preparation for landing. Compliance with all the nuances ensures good performance development and fruiting of the future of the vineyard.

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