Repair of gas columns with their own hands

One solution to the question supply of heated water - instantaneous water heater installation. In this case, it becomes the object of attention is a geyser. After all, gas water heaters compared to electrical are more economical due to low tariffs for energy, as well as compared to the water heater - more comfortable, because they allow to use hot water in any amount and at any time of the day. In this case, the main time to identify failure occurred and to repair water heater with your hands.


  1. Apparatus geyser
  2. Typical faults geyser
    • Heat exchanger clogged with scale
    • Soldering gas heater heatsink
    • Gas water heater does not ignite
    • Column not properly heats the water

Apparatus geyser

Ordinary gas water heater is an iron box that resembles a kitchen cupboard. To him two pipes summed up - gas and water. Inner structure includes a heat exchanger, a main and pilot burner. After the tap is open, regardless of the method of the burner ignition, gas valve is opened, letting the energy carrier in the pilot burner, which is of primary light.

When the combustion gas is released heat which is sufficient to rapidly heat water that passes through the heat exchanger - disposed above the burners of the spiral tube. The heated water is directed through a water pipe, gas that exits the column to the tap (faucet in the bathroom, shower, kitchen faucet), which was opened. Products of combustion gas flue turn removed, which goes out from the upper part of the gas column.

Column by the method of the pilot ignition are electronic, manual type and pezorozzhigom. Already outdated manual ignition involves the use of matches: open the gas valve that is appropriate to the pipe column, hold a lighted match to the igniter that immediately comes on. Main burner lights after turning the knob.

Modern gas water heaters have a more convenient, practical and secure electronic ignition system working "on full automatic." After opening the tap water pressure activated system, in which a charge spark give two penlight batteries, the gas valve opens simultaneously. Sparks enough to ignite the burner, then all will occur along the familiar system: lights second burner, heats the water and go through the heat exchanger to the faucet. Burner off after closing the valve.

pezorozzhigom specific system that is based on the piezoelectric effect when the mechanical action is converted to electric discharge, in this case - a spark. For the first time including a new column on its front panel, you press the button, activating a piezoelectric element. From the resulting spark ignited igniter, then the main burner. The main burner goes out when closing the tap, and the glow - lights on, but it is not enough heat to boil water remaining in the heat exchanger. The next time you just need to open the water tap, without pressing or burning anything and go warm water.

Typical faults geyser

Gas water heater is not quite a simple device which is subject to certain rules of handling and care will serve its owner for a long time. But sooner or later all the equipment breaks down, and the gas column is no exception. Particularly affect the process quality of the water and gas, which are supplied by public utilities in our homes and apartments, and now, after a certain time it becomes necessary to repair the kitchen with a gas stove. Therefore, it is worth considering the typical reasons, because of which the machine is not functioning as required.

Heat exchanger clogged with scale

The most common fault is in the gas column is clogged with scale heat exchanger (radiator). The tubes overgrown scum, hard water fault. Scale deposition occurs when the water temperature is greater than 80 degrees, and 82 degrees when the process begins to occur intensively.

For the prevention of the formation of scale do not use too much hot water. Bathing water temperature sufficiently close to 42 degrees, for removing fat when washing dishes - approximately 45 degrees, as means for removing fat from them and able to cope with cold water, and the washing machine in the machine - not more than 60 degrees.

Many leave the gas column to work on pilot light, because it is convenient, and there is no need to stir up and customize column each time. However, lack of time and hours, the temperature in the heat exchanger had risen to 90 degrees - hence the scum. So do not be lazy to disable and enable the column as needed, and do not over automatic heater, if you observed a weak pressure, it is better to put in this case, magnifying the pump.

Well, if you was a trouble, it is necessary to repair the Chinese gas column by washing the heat exchanger. To do this, you must understand that the heat exchanger column is really packed, drawing attention to the following symptoms: a low pressure at the tap of heated water when the pressure at the tap with cold water is good; column along with it does not turn; or immediately after power is turned off. Of course, maybe it is broken valve at the inlet to the gas column but if it is OK, proceed to the dismantling of the column.

To wash the column, you will need: Phillips and flat screwdriver, a set of open-end spanners, complete asbestos fabric gaskets and rubber hose. In addition, you must pre-buy in a hardware store descaler, which is sold in a plastic bottle and a dry powder. You can also use vinegar essence, because it is the most accessible.

To begin, remove the hardware column, and then - a casing. After this it is necessary to block the inlet water flow and open close to any of the crane column of heated water. Next, remove the heat exchanger from the feed tube and move it aside. After you remove the nut from the heat exchanger, the heat exchanger will start to leave the water. It must be emptied about a liter.

Next, put on the heat exchanger inlet hose, lift the taller column, insert and hose in the funnel in a thin stream pour it into the prepared solution. Pour slowly, or begins to work, and descaler will push back. The solution in the heat exchanger has to stay for a couple of hours. The substance can be warmed on the burning pilot light to faster reaction took place, and it took less time.

Tap substitute basin or plastic bucket and gradually open the supply of water into the gas column. See what will come out of the hose. If there is a lot of mud, and after washing the head will be a good, then everything turned out, if not, the procedure will be repeated again. But when you use descaling is not required.

Soldering gas heater heatsink

Upon detecting the leak gas column is naturally a desire to first heat exchanger becomes a replacement of old to new. But the cost of the radiator is 1/3 of the price of a new column, so it is advisable to try to repair the unit yourself, sealed solder with a soldering iron. By the water flowing tube heat exchanger whose temperature can not be higher than 100 degrees and the melting temperature of the solder reaches 200 ° C. Therefore, solder is melted.

In most cases, fistulas occur on the tube that runs along the outer side of the radiator, since it is often made of low-quality metal. On the surface of the tube which runs inside the heat exchanger, typically, fistulas do not appear. If you were able to get to the place of a leak, before you start soldering drain the water from the heat exchanger, as it will remove the heat, so you will not be able to heat the soldering spot to the desired temperature.

By opening the hot water faucet in a sink or cleaning, and remove the cap nut from the column pipe which supplies cold water. As the geyser is located on a level above the water faucet, then drain most of the water, but not all. To remove residues practice purge vacuum or compressor. Only then can begin to repair the radiator water heater.

Soldering itself does not cause difficulties. Fine sandpaper strip the oxides from the fistula site, wipe cleaning cloth portion after that is wetted in a solvent to remove grease and dust. Can be any tin solder, for example, PIC-61 by soldering capacity not less than 100 W at a temperature of about 180 degrees.

As a rosin flux is used. If it is not possible to take aspirin. Crumble tablet and sprinkle small crumbs place tinning or sodium tablets heated surface. If during tinning solder does not flow, and a pad is obtained, then warmed place of soldering is not enough. In this case, you should warm up another soldering iron, iron or hairdryer construction.

When the solder is uniformly thinly coated device surface, growing it to a thickness of 1-2 millimeters, and a fistula on the heat exchanger not manifest themselves more. Carefully inspect the radiator tube along the entire length. If you see a green spot, so more likely at this point there is a pinhole that overlooks the water, and it needs to be to tin solder. Otherwise, after a couple of months you will again have to deal with the repair of the bathroom geyser, since there will leak.

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If the water leakage portion is positioned on the heat exchanger wall, which is adjacent to the base of the column, the radiator on-site repair is impossible, and it is necessary to remove heat from the gas column. To remove the unit for soldering, it is necessary to disassemble most of the column and disconnects the gas pipe, but it is very dangerous.

Gas water heater does not ignite

The most common reason that the column does not light - just a lack of ventilation in the pit traction. It may well happen that the chimney is clogged with soot accumulated in his or object has fallen. In this situation, usually triggered protection system that is located inside the column, and the instrument automatically overlaps gas. Check the draft in the chimney. For this Hold a lit match, and if the flames will go away - then pull there.

Another reason that the column does not ignite, is banal discharge the battery, but it only applies to appliances with automatic ignition (with batteries or generators). Contrary to the claims of manufacturers that the battery life time is one year, will have to change them more often.

Gas water heater can also be lit because of the poor water pressure. And it's just a check -nuzhno open the cold tap. If there is a little pressure - it is likely that the reason lies not in the column, but in a separate area or around the pipeline. If you see that the pressure of cold water greater than in the hot tap, it is necessary to repair the water gas heater unit, since the reason lies exactly in the water column node (or deformed membrane filters are clogged).

The strainer can clog water inlet assembly after the water off and reverse its feed. To clean, simply unscrew from the water supply a cap nut, remove the mesh and clean it.

To check the status of the membrane to remove the water node two union nuts, further loosen three bolts holding the assembly for water in the gas cone assembly. Disconnected from each other node half, you will see such a membrane. If the gum has a deformed surface, rather than flat, with deflections, it should be replaced. At the same time water can be cleaned cavity assembly and a filter mesh from the mud. You can put silicone membrane, which can serve for many years.

It often happens that geyser goes off immediately after ignition. The reason for the fault lies in the thermocouple, but rather is the poor contact of the thermocouple and solenoid valve. If the thermocouple intact, should do maintenance of automatic gas column, or rather its cleaning contacts and switch box. In such a situation should adjust the flow of hot and cold water. Remember that you can not in any case be diluted with cold water, hot, because this will trigger an immediate extinction of the flame.

Cotton and microexplosions which accompany switching procedure may occur: because of poor draft in the ventilation duct or the well due to the discharge of batteries that are responsible for the ignition of the column due to clogging of the nozzle or other column components, from excessive inflow gas. When the burner, the gas from the igniter should ignite a timely manner. But if the pilot flame will burn for some reason is not correct, then the gas will accumulate, which will result in a cotton - small explosions of gas-air mixture.

In this situation, we must look at what moment the pilot flame. The light should have a blue color, to burn stably, flame should touch the main burner. When the pilot light you see yellow-red is not sustainable, small flame, it is necessary to purge the injector and igniter tube that brings gas.

Column not properly heats the water

The reasons that the geyser after the bad heats the water, there will be several. First of all, the column can have a small capacity. Therefore, before purchasing the equipment is always carefully review the unit's passport. Also water may be heated bad because of the very simple clogging aggregate feature which protrudes modified flame color and appearance of soot in the process under column.

If the column does not heat the water, to adjust the gas supply to the burner. In modern gas column present valve which allows to regulate the water flow, i.e. the amount of water that passes through the column per minute. Therefore, if the water is heated slightly, it is advisable to reduce bandwidth, and the water will have time to heat up.

In addition, the column can be fed too hot water. But in this case does not require repair and maintenance of gas columns, as this situation is not a malfunction of the column. In the warm time of year, when in the water the water is warm enough, and the pressure of her small problems, which at first glance appear to be linked to a malfunction of the column. Have you noticed that when installed in a column to the minimum water heating gas supply handles water is still very hot.

Just certain models of the gas column on this operation is not calculated. The instructions for use of the equipment is usually indicated minimum water pressure when the gas boiler will function normally. To solve the issue is very easy, simply narrowing the gas supply, thus cutting off a little tap on what gas is supplied and which is set before entering the gas column on the gas pipe.

Sometimes the gas column compounds may happen to leak. Left trumpet necessary to feed water into the column, it is always on the overlap feed valve for a water column present. This tube is connected to a water-gas regulator nozzle. C controller water enters heat exchanger on the right. On the middle column tube is transferred to water and hot water to the heat exchanger is connected on the left through the pipe.

The right column in the pipe is required to supply the gas and connected to the controller through the copper tube. It also establishes a mandatory gas valve overlap. Water connections in column carried by cap nuts with sealing gaskets made of rubber. Over time, the rubber gaskets on the temperature difference lose their elasticity and become rigid, and the water is flowing.

In order to repair the old water heater, replace the rubber gasket in the gas column. To do this, unscrew with a key 24 cap nut, remove the pad that is already worn out, and install a new one. Sometimes a little pad, nut you spun all the way, and the water is still oozing. Then it is recommended additionally put another pad.

And finally, you should familiarize yourself with yet another problem with the water heater: when the columns you do not smell gas. If, nevertheless, there is a certain smell, remember that in this case is strictly forbidden to carry out independent repair water heater! Immediately shut off the gas valve, ventilate the room and call the gas service!

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